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Destin Best in Travers?

Todd Pletcher’s once seemingly powerful army of 3-year-olds has pretty much disbanded, with some of the troops retreating from the battlefield, others spending time in sick bay, and two transferred to... Read More

My Top 15 Favorite Blogs

As part of the Blood-Horse 's 100th anniversary issue on Aug. 6, I have been asked to list (with links) my 15 favorite Hangin With Haskin blogs. This was an extremely difficult task, as it's like choosing... Read More

'Breaking' in a New Fan

Sometimes I like to devote this space to the racing fans who pour so much passion into the sport or a particular horse. With the Belmont Stakes coming up, there will be a mother and her young daughter... Read More

'Happy' Days For Maria Borell

If there is one element of Thoroughbred racing that has always held true it is that the tides of fortune change very quickly. It is the one sport where you can idolize a Babe Ruth as a fan one day and... Read More

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