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Let's Not Forget the Other Dan

There is no use commenting on Wise Dan and the Breeders’ Cup Classic any longer, although there is one final thought mentioned farther down, merely for the sake of history. But although that door has been... Read More

Life on the Backstretch

The following is a much condensed version of a four-part feature I wrote 28 years ago during my first year as a feature writer for DRF. I reprinted a shortened version of it six years ago, but several... Read More

Monzante's Death a Disgrace

Editor's Note: The Blood-Horse’s editorial policy is to review the content of any blog that addresses a highly sensitive topic or legal issue. Accuracy in our editorial coverage and among our bloggers... Read More

Dry In the Desert

(Originally published in the March 16, 2013 issue, page 34, of The Blood-Horse magazine . ) “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Those were the classic words spewed forth by newscaster... Read More

Power Up Paynter

Once upon a time there were two horses named MC’s Dream and Bradleberry. Both were potential stars, showing great promise from the time they were mere tots. You will find no record of either horse, but... Read More

Spa La La La La

Yes, ‘tiz the season to be jolly. Saratoga is here again, and it seems to be getting earlier and earlier. The first half of the year has been a series of emotional ups and downs with issues so hot they... Read More

Lava Man Revisited

With his induction into the Hall of Fame today here is a reprint of Lava Man's story from May 23, 2012. In Sept. 2008, it was announced that Lava Man was going to be retired to Old Friends. It never happened... Read More

Good Luck

Watching the pilot for David Milch’s upcoming HBO series “Luck,” I sort of felt the way the assortment of characters in the show are supposed to feel in their designated roles depicting life on the racetrack... Read More

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