Hotstufanthensome Finds a Home!

Many of you may have already read in the updated section of the previous blog that Hotstufanthensome has found a forever home, but I wanted to make a separate post to make sure everyone saw the great news.

After much consideration of several individuals and organizations that offered to take Hotstufandthensome, New Vocations announced Jan. 12 that the gelding would be going to Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue in Pawling, N.Y., an organization with which they have a longstanding relationship.

“We are thrilled that Akindale stepped up and offered their services to him,” said Anna Ford, executive director of New Vocations.

In return, Akindale will send one of its adoptable horses to New Vocations, which will enter the retraining program and eventually find a new home. “This is a perfect example of two programs working together and utilizing their strengths,” said Ford. “Hotstuf is scheduled to be shipped next week (probably Sunday, Jan. 16), weather permitting. Another positive side to this story is that Evening Attire who actually raced against Hotstuff is also a resident at Akindale. It is great that the two will meet up once again.”

Ford called the support for Hotstuf “amazing” and noted that New Vocations has received nearly $2,500 in donations, which will cover his board, farrier, and vet bills during the 10 months he has been at that facility.

Any further donations will go toward Hotstuf’s shipping and care at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue. Akindale does have a sponsorship program and will be looking for ongoing sponsors for Hotstuf. Those interested should contact Erin at For more information on Akindale's program, visit

Ford also wanted to address some confusion among people that commented on the last blog entry about Hotstufanthensome:

“We apologize for any confusion concerning the rumors of Hotstuf going to Old Friends. New Vocations had contacted Old Friends numerous times over the past five months but never received any conformation on them accepting him. We are not sure who posted the information about him going there. If anyone has made a donation for Hotstuff’s care to Old Friends you will need to contact them directly with any questions.”

If anyone needs to contact New Vocations, e-mail at or call 937-642-3171.

Following are some comments from Erin Pfister of Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue:

"I sent (Anna Ford) an email saying we could help, and it escalated from there," said Pfister, adding that New Vocations had done a horse trade with Akindale once before. "(Horse rescue facilities) need to help each other out, and this is a good example of that." 

Akindale currently boards around 150 horses at its facility, half of which are adoptable, and half of which are permanent residents due to various health conditions.

"I have had three people email me already about sponsoring (Hotstufanthensome)," said Pfister. "We’re really excited, and (jockey) Richard Migliore (who rode Hotstuf during his career) came out this morning to see the facility. He’ll come out again after Hotstuf comes. It’s been such a happy feeling to be able to help a horse like him."

Pfister said Hotstufanthensome would probably be buddied with Greeley’s Legacy in the same paddock. Eventually, she plans on adding grade I winner Evening Attire and others to the mix. Once Hotstuf is settled into his new home, I will post an update blog with some photos.

I want to thank all my readers for your interest in this story and your support! You all have proven to not just complain about a situation, but actually do something about it, and that has made all the difference in this horse’s life. 


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