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And the winner is...

Using a random number generator, I have chosen a winner for the 2012 Blood-Horse calendar: gocurlin12: My favorite older horse is Forego because he always tried his best and showed so much courage on the track. A very worthy favorite! Be sure to email me your street address, gocurlin12, so I can mail you your calendar by the end of the day! My email is . Thanks so much for entering... Read More

New Blog: Behind-the-Scenes Experiences and Happy Endings

This blog will take a look at some of my fun, behind-the-scenes experiences and oddball encounters while working in the Thoroughbred industry, and it will also include some of the rescue stories and triumphs in racing that often get lost in the shuffle, but need to be told. In my first entry, I will share with you the retirement and retraining story of Buster Bailey.... Read More

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