And the winner is...

Using a random number generator, I have chosen a winner for the 2012 Blood-Horse calendar:

gocurlin12: My favorite older horse is Forego because he always tried his best and showed so much courage on the track.

A very worthy favorite! Be sure to email me your street address, gocurlin12, so I can mail you your calendar by the end of the day! My email is

Thanks so much for entering, everyone--it was a great response.

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments and I was especially touched by the responses about your own OTTBs. Actually, I might be contacting some of you in the future to share your more in-depth stories on Beyond the Blinkkers.

I thought I would leave you with this priceless photo that my husband and I included in our Christmas card this year of our dog, Sancho. Do any of you inclue pictures of your horses or other pets in your Christmas cards?

Have a wonderful holiday season!!

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