Funds Still Needed to Bring Noor to Old Friends

In my last blog post, I mentioned that sufficent funds had been raised for the body of Hall of Famer Noor to be transferred to Old Friends. It has been brought to my attention by an official involved in the process that this is not the case, however. Noor's body will be moved at the end of August only if funds are available to do so. In other words, Noor needs your help! (see Steve Haskin’s previous article about this horse).

As of July 13, $3,300 still needs to be rasied in order to bring Noor to Kentucky. If possible, the horse will be exhumed from his previous burial ground at the Loma Rica training track in California due to the land being developed and sent to Old Friends by the end August, before the rainy season starts.

Anyone wishing to contribute to Noor’s disinterment and move can send their donations via check, money order, or PayPal to Old Friends, 1841 Paynes Depot Rd., Georgetown, Ky., 40324 or contact their website ( Please write the name Noor to specify for what your donation is intended.

Michael Blowen of Old Friends and Noor thank you for your support!

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