Blue Blue Sea's Brother Needs Your Help

Remember the amazing story of Miranda Prather and Blue Blue Sea? It didn't surprise me to hear that Blue Blue Sea, a 12-year-old gelding by Sea Hero, currently has nearly 680 fans on Facebook. Prather contacted me a few weeks ago about a new development in the horse’s family that I would like to share.

Recently, Prather began following the progress of Blue Blue Sea’s dam, Alytude. The Alysheba mare was bought by a farm in Puerto Rico the year Blue Blue Sea was born.

“In 2008, the farm sent me pictures of her 2007 foal--a chestnut colt that had many similarities to Blue,” said Prather, who carefully tracked down the mare’s whereabouts. “The colt would go on to be sold and be named Gran Huracan. He's by Casanova Star, a son of A.P. Indy, so he's got some very famous names behind him (he is inbred 4X5 to Bold Ruler and 5X5 to both Princequillo and Native Dancer). I've followed his career and became concerned in June when he did not finish a race.”

Gran Huracan in Puerto Rico

Prather contacted Kellie Paz of Horse Rescue Caribbean, who helped her keep watch on Gran Huracan.

“In June he was OK; the owner wanted to run him one more time,” said Prather. “The next time out, he finished well, so the owner raced him again a few weeks back. In that race, he did not finish again. Gran Huracan was out of chances and needed to go.”

After doing some research on the unfortunate fate of many of the racehorses in Puerto Rico, Prather feared her time to rescue Gran Huracan was limited.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for Prather of making calls and arrangements, but through the help of Blue Blue Sea’s Facebook fans, Paz, Bernel Kress of Freedom Crossing in Florida, and Jennifer Swanson and Bradley Gaver’s Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue, it appears that everything is coming together for Gran Huracan to spend the rest of his days at Pure Thoughts near Loxahatchee, Fla.

The total cost for Gran Huracan’s quarantine, transport, and shipping comes to about $5,000, however, which does not include any medical expense he may incur during travel or once he has arrived. Pure Thoughts has set up an online raffle to help raise funds on its home page,, including a chance to win a trip to Marco Island, Fla.

“After hearing how touching Miranda’s connection with Gran Huracan was, I knew we had to help them,” said Swanson. “Since bringing in the British Virgin Island horses earlier this year, and through Hurricane Irene no less, I had a better understanding of how to get him here, but we desperately need community support in the form of donations. We cannot do this without our community.”


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Thank you, Esther! You are much the best. I am thankful now twice for your excellent writing skills. Here's hoping he makes it to the States and that there will be another article on him in the future when he's got a new home and a new career. Looking at him, I think he might make an excellent jumper. :)

23 Nov 2011 3:18 PM

He's a beautiful horse - just like his mom & brother - and a grandson/great-grandson of both Alydar & Seattle Slew. I hope my contribution helps.

23 Nov 2011 10:26 PM

He's beautiful, looks so sad. I'll pray for him. Hope he can come to America and have a good life.

25 Nov 2011 4:16 AM

I can't find you on face book. Please keep us updated on Gran Huracan's fate. I'm worried about him now.

25 Nov 2011 5:00 AM

I am a "horse rescuer" and commend the folks at Pure Thoughts for the work they do to help horses who otherwise get little help.  The horses we sent them were from the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Jennifer and Brad were so kind to receive them and place them in their adoption program.  We have FIVE more! They come from the bush, get dumped in empty lots, at the local humane society yard (who cannot sustain the cost) and sometimes directly from the track.  In the islands, you can count the number of viable horseowners on your hands!  They MUST ship to the States for a chance to be adopted. We have FIVE more at our farm, and there is ALWAYS one or two around the corner. Thanks to everyone who reads about, writes about, and helps horses in the Caribbean that come from the States initially.  They don't stand a chance without this kind of love.

26 Nov 2011 8:48 PM

So sad to hear of this situation!  I hope the best for him...he looks thin and undeveloped to me..but that's only my opinion (sounds like maybe he's had the "life ran out of him") and could stand some rest and TLC from someone who cares (unlike his former owner).  These situations are always disheartening and a big negative to racing.  After reading "islandhorsevi", perhaps the solution may be that somehow the U.S. stops the sale of these horses to these uncaring, unable- to-provide-the-care countries!  Remember...we have thousands of ex-racehorses in this country who need homes also. The point was made that these horses "come from the States INITIALLY"...well, maybe we in the States need to insure that "these horses" don't go to such countries where proper care or after-racing care can not be given.  In my opinion, anyone anywhere should not initially buy the horse if they can not insure that they will provide the means to care for the horse after the racing career fails or ends.

27 Nov 2011 2:55 PM


How much money is needed to bring this horse to the U.S.?

My mom just passed away and I would like to do as much good as I can with some of the money she still had.

Please answer or .send me an email


27 Nov 2011 5:47 PM


The total for the shipping is $3,200. Those funds have been raise or are very close to being raised. We do not know if there will be any injuries that need to be treated and Pure Thoughts is raising funds for hay and feeding of all their horses, too. If you would like to donate some money to them, that would be fantastic.


28 Nov 2011 1:58 PM

The plan has touched down in Florida!!!!! Thank you each and every one of you. A "Great Hurricane" has come to Florida. :) LOL

28 Nov 2011 3:01 PM

Tom, please email me at and I can give you more information about Gran Huracan. He was shipped today and has landed in Orlando, Florida.  He will arrive at Pure Thoughts later this evening.  We did raise a good bit of money, but still need to raise more now that he is here, for his rehab and retraining.  Any amount you would like to donate in your mom's name would be so awesome.  I would hope my children would do the same for me when I pass away.  Funds are also tax deductible.  Donations can be made at the Pure Thoughts website and go to Gran's page.  I am sorry for the loss of your mom, I personally know how hard it is.  I thank you for any amount you wish to donate.


28 Nov 2011 5:49 PM
Barbara W

Forwarding to our Army--Pure Thoughts is the best!

29 Nov 2011 6:11 PM
Woodland Dash

I am concerned about the dam. I have a special place in my heart for all the old mares that just keep on producing year after year.  Does she need rescuing too? Let's find some safe places for these old gals too.


30 Nov 2011 9:10 PM

Susan, his dam holds an absolutely special place in my heart - she's the dam of Blue Blue Sea (my special horse) and a daughter of Alysheba, one of my all time favs and son of my all time fav racehorse. I'd like to get her back, for sure, but that might not happen.

01 Dec 2011 1:19 PM

Guess what?! Gran Huracan may already have his forever home! He vetted sound - just an old bow that shouldn't cause him issues. He had his first ride and he's got a new owner interested. His story shows what amazing horses OTTBs are.

07 Dec 2011 7:13 AM

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