2012 Derby Memories/Preakness Picks

Warning: this blog will ramble and have no real focus. I meant to write this over a week ago to give my post-Derby thoughts, but better late than never!

Sometimes I wish I could just get things together. My seventh Kentucky Oaks and Derby have passed me by, and while I had a great time as usual, at several points throughout the week I felt as though I was losing my mind.

I forgot, lost, and had more things break in one week than I have in a long time. Am I just getting old (turning 31 felt especially depressing this year), or am I just having temporary brain lapses? I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Things that went wrong included leaving my entire toiletry bag containing everything from a toothbrush to deodorant and shampoo in Lexington (luckily I was able to swipe some things from where I was staying); leaving my Derby Day hair piece in Lexington; losing my phone charger cord; leaving my iPhone in the women’s restroom in the press box (I was later able to retrieve it from the lost and found…thank God—it only has my camera, recorder, notepad, email, map system, and numerous other essential apps on it, no biggie); having to get my computer hard drive restored by our IT guy on Oaks morning (it completely crashed and wouldn’t hold a charge); leaving my license in another purse when I needed it at dinner; having no air conditioning in my car in 90 degree weather;  having my phone die on the backstretch when I needed it to find a friend; and my regular camera not working all week (hence the not-so-great iPhone photos).  

I just wanted to share that with you guys, because, you know, it happens! To me more than most people, but what can I say? It’s part of my charm.

Perhaps worst of all was the fact I strongly contemplated placing my first-ever superfecta bet for the Oaks. I really liked Believe You Can, Grace Hall, Broadway’s Alibi and Summer Applause.

In the end, however, I thought a $12 bet was a little too much for me (I’m a cheap-o bettor and only allotted myself $20 total for Oaks and Derby betting), so I went with a trifecta instead. What horses did I choose, you ask? Well, My co-worker, Jason Shandler (yes, I am blaming this entirely on him) was so sure that Summer Applause was going to win the race that I put her in with Grace Hall and Broadway’s Alibi and left the winner Believe You Can out.

Anyway, if I would have just bet my original superfecta—even a 50 cent one—I would have made at least $900. Life is funny and ironic, no?

What’s your worst betting incident ever? Did you have a positive Derby experience this year? Will you be attending the Preakness? Sadly, I will not this year. I had a wonderful time road-tripping it to Baltimore for the 2011 running, but it was just not in the cards for me this time around.

But I wish everyone a good trip! My picks as of now are I’ll Have Another, Went the Day Well, and Cozzetti. I just don’t have a great feeling about Bodemeister for some reason. But considering all my bad luck as of late (or my whole life), I’m not so sure you should take my advice. But if you do and my trifecta comes in, then I will be a genius.

Happy Preakness everyone! Now enjoy some Derby week photos, and then tell me your thoughts on the Derby, Preakness, and life in general.

KY Oaks filly Eden's Moon headed back from the track

Good eats in the media center on the backstretch 

Barn of Gary "Red Dog" Hartlage, trainer of Oaks filly On Fire Baby

On Fire Baby in her stall

Bob Baffert's pony Cowboy--I couldn't resist

Shadows of spectators watching Derby horse Prospective go to the track

Busy morning on the backstretch during Derby week

Grace Hall, leaving the track after morning training hours

Oaks filly Summer Applause chowing down. I forgive you for ruining my trifecta!

The legendary D. Wayne Lukas shares a moment on the backstretch

Long day at the track + no air conditioning in my car=emergency DQ stop

The state of my poor computer on Oaks morning. Luckily our awesome IT guy, Eric came to the rescue

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