Coming Up Aces

Anyone else feeling the post Triple Crown, pre-Saratoga/Del Mar summer doldrums?

It's nothing to be ashamed of or feel bad about. It happens every year in late June. We just need to make it through these next few weeks and all will be well in the racing world. By then, the mid-summer classics will be underway, the Breeders' Cup Challenge series will be in full flight, and best of all, we can begin dissecting the next spots for Rachel and Zenyatta. What could be more exciting than that?

To pass the time, here's an interesting story about an undefeated 2-year-old that was sired by a teaser. For those of you who do not know, a farm uses a teaser to gauge a mare's level of heat before the real stallion comes in to breed. The teaser is then whisked away back to his stall and is relegated to cold showers. You get the picture.

Anyway, the teaser in this case was Jet Phone, a now 9-year-old son of Phone Trick-Jet Route who resides at Clarence Scharbauer's Valor Farm in Pilot Point, Texas. Jet Phone didn't win a lot of money for Scharbauer, who also bred and owned him, winning just three of nine starts for earnings of $30,115. But according to Valor general manager Ken Carson, the horse had talent.

"He had blazing speed, but there was always something wrong with him physically," Carson said. "We would take him to the paddock on race days and people would ‘ooh and aah' over him. He looked like a miniature Phone Trick. Just beautiful; a very good-looking horse. He could fly through the turns, but he had back problems and he eventually bowed a tendon, so we brought him back to the farm.

"He didn't have enough of a racing record to stand him, so we bred him mostly to some of our Quarter Horse mares."

Carson said Jet Phone was also bred to two Thoroughbred mares a while back, but one mare did not get in foal and the other had a foal that died.

"We pretty much gave up on him," Carson admits.

That should have been the end of the story, but in 2007, Ed Dodwell, owner of Diamond D Ranch in Lone Oak, Texas, which is located about 50 miles east of Dallas, asked Scharbauer if he could breed one of his mares, Pure Mischief, to Jet Phone.

"(Diamond D) have broken our horses forever and they have supported our stallions. We had no problem with it. It was more of a complimentary thing than anything else," Carson said.

Dodwell's son, "Scooter," said they had trained Jet Phone during his early years and knew he had talent. Even so, he didn't quite understand his father's line of thinking.

"Dad always liked him," said Scooter Dodwell, who is the racing manager at Diamond D, which is also co-owned by Caroline Dodwell. "But I thought he had lost his mind a little bit. I think he kind of did it on a whim. But there was no cost for it and I guess he was trying to save a little money."

Pure Mischief had also shown some ability during her racing years. She won six of 10 starts mainly in Texas, including a couple stakes.

"She was a pretty nice filly around these parts," Dodwell said. "She had one foal that won some decent money. We've always liked her."

The colt that was produced from Jet Phone-Pure Mischief was eventually named Aces N Kings. As a yearling, Dodwell said it was easy to see that he was a racehorse.

"The first time we breezed him we knew he was something different," he said. "He went :34 and change, which is about as fast as I've seen one go."

Dodwell has seen some pretty good ones in his time at Diamond D, which has been in operation since 1981. The farm, which is used for boarding, breaking, training, and lay-ups, has raised over 200 stakes winners. You may have heard on of one of them. Her name is Rachel Alexandra.

"Yep, we've broken yearlings for Dolphus (Morrison, Rachel's breeder and former owner) for years. We had Rachel here in August of her yearling year to May of her 2-year-old season. We broke her and got her ready to run. We also trained her mom, Lotta Kim."

Dodwell said they breezed Rachel only once, a quarter-mile over their training track. He decided to call Morrison to suggest that he hold onto the filly.

"She worked pretty quickly-not as fast as others I have had-but still pretty nicely. I told him he might want to think about holding onto her," said Dodwell. "He sells a lot of horses and I knew he was thinking about selling her and a Royal Academy filly at the Calder in-training sale. He said he would think about it and let me know. A couple days later he called me back and said he decided to keep her and sell the Royal Academy filly. It turned out to be a pretty good decision. The rest is history."

Dodwell said, believe it or not, Aces N Kings worked faster than Rachel. In fact, he said the dark bay horse "went as quick as any I've had come through here. He did it so effortlessly."

The Dodwell's decided to debut Aces N Kings this past April at Lone Star Park, and he did not disappoint, breaking his maiden by nearly seven lengths. He won his next two starts as well, including the $60,000 Texas Thoroughbred Association Sales Futurity on June 5.

"He's really fast," Dodwell said. "He lets up a little when he has the lead, but we're working with him."

Normally, the next logical spot for a Texas-bred 2-year-old would be in the Texas Stallion Stakes series, however, that is not possible for Aces N Kings, who is trained by Robert Young.

"Jet Phone was not a registered stallion back when Aces N Kings was conceived, so he is not eligible," laughed Dodson. "He's registered now though."

Aces N Kings will instead be pointed toward the Minstrel Stakes at Louisiana Downs on July 3.

As for Jet Phone, it looks like his teaser days are over. He has since sired a 2010 filly out of Pleasuretohave, and Pure Mischief was bred back to Jet Phone earlier this year.

"We decided to stand him this year. Hopefully he'll get a few mares now," said Carson.


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Good Story.

Speaking of making the most of your opportunities, I remember a good 2YO filly years (and years) ago called Raise Your Skirts.  The sire was Elevation -- and I don't think he had a very big book when he sired that filly -- maybe only 2 or 3 foals?  She ended up as the dam of a really good German stallion, Big Shuffle and through  him, Elevation continues.  It would be fun to see what happens to Jet Phone over time -- yaneverknow, could become a good regional stallion.

(I still love the thought that went into Raise Your Skirts' naming-- her dam was Strings Attached)

25 Jun 2010 3:43 PM
Ted from LA

Admittedly, I don't know a lot about breeding, but if I'm a horse, the stallion position seems preferable to the teaser job.  I'm just sayin'...

25 Jun 2010 4:43 PM

Great story!  Might we see this horse next May in the Derby?  I hope so.

25 Jun 2010 4:48 PM

What a cool story. Is Aces N Kings predominantly a sprinter or do they think he may be able to stretch out?

25 Jun 2010 4:59 PM

Jeeze, Ted, you just HAD to go there, didn't ya?

It's late on a Friday and I am still at work and I am now LMAO thinking about all the comments I could make but really, I can't because (1) I am a well-brought up person and (2) Jason would censor me.

I don't think this was really Jason's intention when he titled this blog "Coming Up Aces".


25 Jun 2010 5:18 PM
Matthew W

Jet Phone was a teaser stallion? Any relation to Wooden Phone?....didn't think so...

25 Jun 2010 8:01 PM
Ted from LA

Yes, I did have to go there mz.  And like you, I had to censor myself multiple times before I could come up with that fairly benign post.  Jason, is there any chance you can open up another blog for childish adults only?  Who do you have in the Iowa Derby mz?  

25 Jun 2010 8:37 PM

I sure feel sorry for the poor TEASER horse.  Damn, if his life aint hell.  

25 Jun 2010 8:42 PM
Paula Higgins

Love this story Jason. A sweet one. Ted, you are a classic, no doubt about it. My Zenyatta bobblehead, winning ticket and program came today. Woohoo!

25 Jun 2010 9:17 PM
Ted from LA


When I was a little boy, I always dreamed of having a bobblehead of an undefeated horseracing mare.  In my dreams, she was 17 for 17.  If you could see it in your heart to make my boyhood dream come true, please send that bobblehead to Jason at  He'll get it to me.  We go to the races together on Saturdays.  Thanks in advance.

25 Jun 2010 9:46 PM
Robin from Maryland

Good luck to Jet Phone, and I'll have to keep my eyes open for any info on Aces N Kings.  Would really be great story if he turns out to be something special.

25 Jun 2010 9:59 PM

Cool story.  At least Jet Phone wasn't cut, so he may have a decent future having shown he can breed a winner.  I'll be looking out for Aces & Kings.

Then there are the geldings, some great stars, who couldn't/can't pass on their winning ways.  Like Cloudy's Knight, for instance.  I've looked & looked, and can't find any sons of Lord Avie standing who hold a candle to Cloudy.  Impeccable pedigree on the cutting floor. :-(  OTOH, he may not have become the horse he is if left a Horse.  But that's the dilemma; and his owners wanted a race horse, not a stallion.

Speaking of whom, Jason, have you heard anything about Cloudy's future?  Last I heard, he'd re-injured an old tendon injury and may be retired for good.  If anyone can bring him back, tho, it's Jonathan Sheppard.

25 Jun 2010 10:04 PM

Jason, I heard you  bought a Zenyatta Bobblehead for every room in your house.

25 Jun 2010 10:13 PM

Ted: even if Jason opens up a childish adult blog, I think we're in trouble.  We're childish but not adults.  

Acting adult-like though, I am more into the Mother Goose than the Iowa Derby: Biofuel.

And if you go to the races with Jason on Saturdays, can you post pictures?  With the Bobbleheads?

25 Jun 2010 10:50 PM


I saw Jason at Hollywood Park on June 13, 2010 going through the turnstiles 5 times to get his 5 Zenyatta bobblehead vouchers. He has a Zenyatta bobblehead in every room of his house. Don't let him tell you different.

PS: I've been at his house. He has one of the Zenyatta bobbleheads in his bathroom. Guess what else he has in his bathroom?

Its a long story.... but he tore a "No Dumping" sign off its post (in an open field - east of Lexington)and mounted above his toilet.

25 Jun 2010 11:13 PM
Paula Higgins

Ted, I love ya, but it's a no go LOL. Made my day to get this in the mail. I can't believe I bought a bobblehead made of resin of all things, but this is what Zenyatta has done to me. Whenever I look at it, it will make me smile.

25 Jun 2010 11:16 PM

Cool story Jason.  What does bowing a tendon mean ?  Also, wonder why they gave up too quickly on breeding Jet Phone, I figure it's the cost ?

25 Jun 2010 11:32 PM

Jason,  You bad, bad, boy.

Assault, I believe you,  You have no reason to lie about what you saw Jason doing at HP.

Now, Jason, You can put your Zbobblehead on your mantle beside your one and only, the great, Point Given.  

26 Jun 2010 12:16 AM

If they held a bobblehead day for Draynay they would probably name it bubblehead.

26 Jun 2010 1:27 AM
Greg J.

    Well, Somehow it has turned into a Bobblehead blog, So, I would be remiss if I didn't reprint Joe Schmoe's classic line on the subject, lol:

"I put my Zenyatta Bobblehead on the shelf next to my Rachel Alexandra Figurine. The next time I came back Zenyatta was 5 lengths in front of Rachael. No sense fighting it, I left them that way."

joe schmoe 22 Jun 2010 2:54 PM

OK, Off to Belmont Park...

26 Jun 2010 7:20 AM

jayjay- "bowed tendon" is a torn tendon.  It can be a high, middle, low or banana bow.  If you look at a side view of the cannon bone of a bowed horse, it will look like an archery bow.  With 6 months to a year of rest, a horse will generally come back from a bow.  A bowed tendon never really "heals" it just sets and will retain the bow shape.        

26 Jun 2010 9:47 AM
Pam S.

That is a very cool story about "Aces," and I'll be looking out for him too, along with Lady Giacomo.  I guess they are my two favorite 2-year-olds at this early juncture.  

Further proof of the adage, "A good horse can come from anywhere."

And maybe a job promotion is "in the cards" for the sire!

26 Jun 2010 11:31 AM
Love That Mare, Birds and Dudes, too!

What a funny story!  "Teaser" has quite a story to tell his offspring, huh?  

This kinda reminds me of the story of Bustin Stones' dam, Shesasurething.  Valente:  "Go get that mare!"  [laughing]

Thanks for sharing.

26 Jun 2010 12:31 PM
Ted from LA

Devil May Care will win.

26 Jun 2010 5:21 PM

Thanks Angela!  

26 Jun 2010 7:05 PM
Pedigree Shelly

          Interesting story , Jason ! Does anybody know I Want Revenge's status for the Suburban ??

26 Jun 2010 7:40 PM
Paula Higgins

O.k. I am feeling guilty about spending money on a Zenyatta resin bobblehead doll (which by the way, doesn't "bobble" very much LOL) so I made a donation to the New Bolton U Penn Barbaro Fund in Zenny's honor. A good way to honor both horses and their connections I think.

26 Jun 2010 8:41 PM
Ted from LA


While you have your purse open, please donate to the Human Fund.  Send your check to Ted from LA and I will be sure it gets to the humans in need.

26 Jun 2010 9:46 PM
Tim G

Doldrums? Good way to put it. Monday morning blahs. Can't wait for Saratoga.

Cute story and a nice surprise for the owners!

Jason, did you make it to Churchill last night? The attendance was up a bit.

Paula, aren't you the one with the antique purse fund? Well spent on Zenyatta and nice of you to make a donation to NB!

26 Jun 2010 9:58 PM


27 Jun 2010 5:00 AM

Paula,  I wouldn't dare ask you what you paid for your Zbobblehead+ program and extras,  But I have been watching ebay recenlty and have been eyeing the bids and how high they were getting.

I bought mine before the week before the Vanity race,  I knew once she made that 17 and passed the boys (Cit&Cig) they were going to skyrocket...........I was rightt.

I just have the bobblehead, not the programs from the race......

Paula,  just remember one thing,  You are holding history in your hands and whatever you paid for it.

You would be able to get it back one day. You love Zen so much,  I bet you didnt care how much you paid...........For the past year, I have bought right much of her stuff going online, and she is worth it.........

A horse that has gotten as far as she has and still going strong is worth every penny............

27 Jun 2010 10:44 AM
Barbara W

Thank you so much for digging up this great story for us. It's this kind of story that interests people in the sport.

Now I guess I have another reason to visit Valor Farm.

27 Jun 2010 2:15 PM
Paula Higgins

ITA Soadapopkid! I paid $104.00. Yup I did. You are right, I love Zenny that much. No, I am not living vicariously through her to answer anyone who may think that, but she has gladdened my heart 17 times and that counts for alot.  But I did donate the same to the Barabaro fund too. So I don't feel too guilty.

Ted from LA, I donate monthly to Save The Children. That's my human fund LOL. My brother is VP for Asia/Save The Children so it is a charity I know alot about, where the money goes, how it is used etc. A very worthy charity. Also donate monthly to the ASPCA (animal fund). They have done quite a bit to help horses as well as dogs and cats.

On another note, Tom Wilkins (east coast writer) is on the Zenyatta needs to come east to Saratoga kick, so I emailed/unloaded on him in a nice way.

Speaking of Zenyatta, has anyone heard how she is doing??? I am a little concerned that she is starting to feel her racing age.

27 Jun 2010 4:04 PM
Paula Higgins

Tim G, yes, I am the one with the antique purse collection (see A PASSION FOR PURSES). But instead of buying a purse this bi-weekly, I donated to the Barbaro Fund. It is something I am going to do regularly I have decided. Time to put my money where my mouth and my heart is.

27 Jun 2010 4:07 PM

You're a good person Paula!  If I ever need funding, I'll keep you in mind.  

I haven't heard much about Zenyatta, no buzz about any works but I think this is going to be the norm now, lots of rest after each race since she's a 6 yr old mare.  I don't think Team Z feels any pressure anymore and they will pick and choose the races that fits her schedule.  I'm sure she'll race when she tells them she's ready again.  I'm not worried at all, as long as she's healthy.  If she retires tomorrow, you should fly to CA and take some of the other non-cali bloggers here who are Zen fans and we can have a Zenyatta retirement party to cheer her and her team on.  We'll all watch youtube videos of Zenyatta, cry a bit and then share stories of how Zenyatta conquered the racing world with her dancing, her character and her legendary ability to win each and every race.  Bring the bobblehead and the next day's racing form! :)

27 Jun 2010 9:06 PM

On another note, looks like SS is officially pointing to the Haskell.  It looks like the Haskell and the Jim Dandy will be a great and exciting races this summer simply because all the 3 yr olds are pretty much evenly matched at this point.  I said before, I wouldn't be surprised if 3 other unknowns wins the next 3 big races (Haskell, Jim Dandy and the Travers), I believe that would be a first (the history buffs can tell us if it's true or not.)  It will probably come down to the BC to determine the champion 3 yr old.

The same with the juvenile fillies, Blind Luck and DMC have a lot of competition and are not locks.

This year's BC will truly be the championship races, all the major BC races have more than one horse that can win it.  It'll be crazy!  Here's hoping all the horses stay healthy and all make it to the BC.

27 Jun 2010 9:46 PM

Woohoo!! That's a great story, thanks for posting it! Good luck JetPhone and good luck to his human family too!! As for Aces N Kings, yay, but stay sound!! He sure sounds like one to keep an eye on for next year! Seeing a colt like him on the Triple Crown trail would make me happy!

28 Jun 2010 8:15 AM
Tim G

jayjay, Know you're excited but Blind Luck is a 3 year old, not a a juvy. Just Louise won the Debutante at CD this weekend, that is one JF that seems to always have a player come out of it.

7/3 Bashford Manor Stakes at Churchill Downs, another early race for the 2 y.o's.

I personally LOVE the 2 year old races at Saratoga. Right now it's hard to tell what we've got out there as some of them are just starting to roll or haven't even started yet. But when The Hopeful, the first G1 for 2y.o. rolls around on 9/6 I'll be really excited.

28 Jun 2010 2:01 PM

Have I missed something??  Have all the bloggers went on strike??

I mean damn,  this blogging on , has been so slow, almost dead at some point over the weekend.

Its been one here, one there, pretty much all weekend.

28 Jun 2010 4:18 PM

Some great racehorses have come about by mere happenstance rather than a master breeding strategy.

John Sparkman tells of the time he lived at Gallagher house, formerly Gallagher Stud. He was told that the Dan and Alice Scott farm across the road was where Alfred Vanderbilt boarded his horses. Vanderbilt's cousin, Gertie Widener boarded her champion sprinter Polynesian at Gallagher Stud. It was a small 2 stall stallion barn.

Vanderbilt had a mare named Geisha who had one foal by Questionnaire,called Orientation. Another breeding to Questionnaire was planned for her second heat. When it came time to board the van to go to Questionnaire she absolutely refused. They tried everything then gave up and said we'll try again tomorrow. Dan Scott suggested to the stallion manager at Gallagher Stud they walk her across the road to the stallion Polynesian rather than risk life and limb trying to get her into the van. The next day everything went according to plan with Geisha & Polynesian and Native Dancer was the result.

28 Jun 2010 4:29 PM
Tim G

sodapopkid, it's a slow time of year and some of the usual suspects are MIA. Nothing brings out those like the negative. Not enough I guess.

Should have seen MTB work this a.m., he looks the part that's for sure.

For those who loved to say his victory was a 'fluke'? Take it from the guy who's won 3 of the last 4 KD's. "He’s just blossomed out," said Borel. "How good is he? I don’t know – but we’re going to find out. I think he’s a good horse. I don’t care what ANYBODY says--he wasn’t a fluke."

Now who should we believe????LOL

28 Jun 2010 4:37 PM


Midsummer celebrations? People being to busy partying to blog?


28 Jun 2010 4:51 PM

Sherpa, no news on Cloudy's Knight since April.  I'd like to know, too.

28 Jun 2010 5:03 PM
Jason Shandler

Tim: I donk think we have to take anyones word. All we have to do is let his record speak for itself. So far, he is winless since the Derby. We'll see what he does this year and assess again after that. I know one thing, putting him up against QR and Blame isnt a smart idea in his second race back. That's another L.

28 Jun 2010 5:27 PM

TimG,  I agree dude,  I saw MTB spits this morning and I thought they were pretty impressive for him.

Nothing against Wooley, but Lukas just may be better for him.

28 Jun 2010 5:29 PM
Tim G

Do you truly believe a horse who finishes in the top three in every Triple Crown race is a fluke? So Super Saver was a fluke? Twenty or thirty other horses are flukes?

Strange but owning horses I know that winning EVERY time isn't the end all and be all.

Zenyatta has won every race she's run so you're saying you've changed your mind and she's the real deal?

QR suddenly became the real deal after losing a bunch of races? Since Rachel was only able to beat a bunch of allowance horses this year, she's a fluke?

Oh well everyone has their own opinion.

Hey, here's an idea YOU go tell Wayne what you think of the plan I'll sell the tickets. LOL

28 Jun 2010 5:45 PM

You're right, I should've just said the 3 yr old colts and fillies, makes it more clearer lol.  Thanks!

And yes, I'm a BL fan, he's a dorf horse and he's a really good trainer, there's a reason he gets a lot of horses but the thing that makes him great is that when he does get a good horse that can compete nationally, he knows how to take care of them and make them successful.  I would be on BL's wagon all the way to BC!

28 Jun 2010 6:16 PM


Unlike you, I don't think MTB is a fluke.  Except that he runs like one every time he has my money.

28 Jun 2010 6:24 PM

Love the teaser story.  We used to use my "proud cut" mustang to tease our mares.  The neighbor farm would borrow him for the same thing.

Many years ago at a SoCal training center, our 3 year old colt, who had a lot of bone (not that kind) and was very fast & could run a distance and not get tired--well, if you didn't watch him, he'd break off the hotwalker when there was a mare walking in front of him and would try to jump her.  One of the grooms told us that when we were not in residence (tackroom w/cots), a certain trainer had "borrowed" him to put a heavier frame on their racing, other breed mares.  This was before DNA testing.  

Although this horse was kind, he was getting too muscular and also thought too much of he got cut.  I was there and the vet said he had the biggest testicles he had ever seen in his practice.  They were donated to my biology class...........Somewhere he may have spotted great great++ grandbabies.

28 Jun 2010 6:34 PM

OldDog, thanks.  That would be the last news I saw of Cloudy, too.  Just wish *someone* would call up JS & ASK him if we can at least hope.

Tim, you may as well give up trying to convince Jason that MTB is no fluke.  Don't know why he can't just admire that little brown bird for running strong in all 3 TC races last year and give him a break for being plum worn out the rest of the season.  No matter what he might do this year, it'll be the same as with Zenyatta -- never enough. ;->

28 Jun 2010 7:05 PM
Jason Shandler

Stop putting words in my mouth dude. All I said is that he has not won a race since the Derby. Am I wrong about that? All the rest of your garbage is just you spinning words. Like I said, let's see what he does this year. If he wins a couple stakes, I'll give him credit. Until then, let's relax. Lots of Wayne's horses fire bullets and lose.

28 Jun 2010 7:17 PM
Tim G

I didn't put words in your mouth, I just queried you on how you equate the other horses wins and losses and rationalize them.

Maybe, I'm going by partly what Calvin is saying, and part how well the horse looks and is doing.

You said you thought it was a bad plan and I challenged you to go tell that to Wayne to his face. Just a joke, know it'd never happen.

But it perked up interest in your blog.:)

28 Jun 2010 7:28 PM
Pam S.

I hope the allowance race at CD fills so that MTB can make his comeback in that.  I guess the Firecracker would be OK, but he would be up against turf specialists and probably wouldn't win.  The alw is his better chance to get a win, and I think he deserves one.  Sure has been working well.

So DWL said he'd rather not ship, hence no Salvatore Mile.  Well, if they WERE gonna ship, I would have liked to see MTB in the Suburban the same day.  You would have the Derby ML favorite who didn't get to run, and the shocking Derby winner, finally in the same race.  (I know, I know, wait until November....)

28 Jun 2010 7:29 PM
Jason Shandler

Ive spoken to Wayne many times and we get along fine. He's a Hall of Famer and has all of my respect. One of the best ever, no doubt about it. That doesnt mean I can't question his spot for MTB. Deep down, he knows the horse is in way over his head.

Let me know if you want to wager on the Whitney. You can have Wayne's horses. I'll take Todd's.

28 Jun 2010 7:32 PM
Paula Higgins

LOL JayJay! Yes, if Zenny retires we should have a sending off/retirement party. I know that day is coming, ugh.

O.k. I am with Tim G., I do not think MTB is a fluke. He is a good horse. However, I do agree with Jason that sending him up against Blame and Quality Road the first time back is not what I would have done either. I hope he has a good race and doesn't get demoralised if he doesn't win. He could be on his way back.

28 Jun 2010 7:41 PM

Just had my long, well thought out comment completely censored on TrueNicks Sea the Stars blog.  And for a good reason too...Probably.  Well, I wasn't expecting noblese oblige or anything similar.  And I understand...But...

Jason,  I want to thank you for being fair with your blogs and putting up with it all.

Now I'm going to happy hour at a local Mexican restaurant....Yay!

28 Jun 2010 7:51 PM
Tim G

Paula, he's sort of a Rodney Dangerfield type. Much like the teaser on here....That's kind of what made me think of it.


Assuming you didn't make any comments similar to the ones on here?


28 Jun 2010 7:51 PM

Paula, jayjay, Zen breezed today, half-mile in 49 & change:

I agree, Bird's first race back needs to be the allowance.  Hope it fills.

28 Jun 2010 7:57 PM
Jason Shandler

I'll take that as a no that you dont want to wager.

28 Jun 2010 8:03 PM
Tim G

You couldn't afford it. :)

You're easier to rile up than I am.LOL

28 Jun 2010 8:07 PM

A final thought to spice up the blog a bit......

Let's ask the Mosses to send Zenyatta to Jet Phone for 2011.  Bloodhorse could cover the story and Jason could do a daily like the Country Life and Merryland Pons deal?  Any takers?  The industry needs something like this.....Then next year Zenyatta can go to M'doro or Giant's Causeway or Sea the Stars.  Foal names...Zenjet...Zenprado...Zencat...Z the Stars...

The Margaritas are calling me...See you all later.

28 Jun 2010 8:09 PM

Rodney Dangerfield????  No respect????  OHHHHH......

28 Jun 2010 8:10 PM
Jason Shandler

Not riled up. Just would love to see you put your $ where your mouth is. You cant defend the horse in one breath and be afraid to bet in the other. Make up your mind. He's no fluke, remember?

28 Jun 2010 8:11 PM
Paula Higgins

Thanks Sherpa, that's pretty respectable I think-49.60/4 furlongs. Not too shabby. She was just breezing too. All sounds well.

28 Jun 2010 8:31 PM

Too bad that Lookin At Lucky had that little setback. Now I think he'll be behind and will not get to Saratoga?

I agree that Mine That Bird isn't a fluke.

If it is a requirement to place a bet to state that opinion, I can't afford much but I'd bet.

I do think that it would have to be included as part of the bet for you to go tell Mr. Lukas that he has a bad plan.

28 Jun 2010 8:34 PM
Jason Shandler

Ok, fair enough Kristin. Mr. Lukas, if you're reading: I think it's a bad plan. Done.

28 Jun 2010 8:39 PM
Tim G

Like you don't know the answer to that one. LOL

28 Jun 2010 8:45 PM

LOL Aluminaut, how about Tiznow ?  A male foal would produce a forecast of Znow during the TC races.

I don't think MTB is a fluke but I agree with Jason with regards to the Whitney, I think that was a bit ambitious.  Having said that though, who am I to question Wayne, if he's really that big on the horse, he may just surprise QR and Blame.  If he does, I wouldn't be surprised :)

Draynay proclaimed before that the winner of Whitney and Woodward will be the HOTY, if two different horses wins the two races, will we see the first time they change the rules and allow a tie for HOTY ?  I figure it's possible since it's both male races and all contenders are from the east coast (or better yet, none of the contenders are from the west.)  But then again, it's a Draynay prediction so it's probably all nonsense lol.

Thanks Sherpa!  Yes I saw that article too.  I'm glad to see that article as there was no indication from Shireffs that there's anything wrong.  I can't help but think that she's already a 6 yr old and that age maybe catching up to her but JS seems to be happy with everything, he still wears his training cap on when talking about Zenyatta :)

28 Jun 2010 8:51 PM
Paula Higgins

JayJay, I have been thinking the same thing that Zenny must be feeling her racing age now. I still think she is the best horse out there but it will take everything she has and doesn't have to beat the anticipated BCC field this year. She is older and 17 straight wins in a row has to take something out of any horse.

28 Jun 2010 9:11 PM

I read in an article that he doesn't read the negative things people write or when other people like writers make comments about his methods.

But we love Mine That Bird here, everyone talks about him and follows him and there are a lot of articles written and on TV about him and Mike Smith both.

I'd bet $10. I know it's not much but I don't have much to spare.

I just didn't think you had to be willing to place a bet to be able to support our favorite horse.

28 Jun 2010 9:43 PM

I am going out on a limb here, but in my opinion, Lukas cant be any worse for MTB.

I think Wooley was great for him, but a change up I think was needed.

I guess we will all see in the coming weeks.

Jason, Do you think that MTB is  going to always be just the derby winner and nothing else?  I'm serious, not being sarcastic?

28 Jun 2010 9:48 PM
Jason Shandler

Wow, how awful for a writer to voice an opinion about a spot for a horse. The nerve of me. If that qualifies as negative for you Kristin, blogs probably arent for you.

Sodapop: If he gets to run on slop in another G1, he might have a fighting chance again.

28 Jun 2010 10:00 PM

Really enjoyed this story a lot. Thanks for posting it.

28 Jun 2010 10:12 PM

What I actually meant was in regards to you telling Mr. Lukas on the blog. What I meant was I don't think he reads these kinds of things at all. Maybe he just meant during the Kentucky Derby but I didn't think so.

Maybe this blog is not for me because the ones I write on allow for all kinds of opinions without being challenged to "put your money where your mouth is" when someone expresses their support or a different point of view. I guess this means you don't want to bet against me and the Bird?

I really think I'll send up a lot of prayers for the Bird and for Zenyatta to beat all the horses and show people who like to put them down. Not that it really ever would stop it.

28 Jun 2010 10:15 PM
Jason Shandler

Kristin: If you really want me to take your $ I will, but trust me, Im not going to feel good about it. What is the bet? $10 on MTB vs. Quality Road in the Whitney? yourself a favor and save your $.

28 Jun 2010 10:23 PM

i'll take your bet--$100 that mine that bird wins the Whitney to whatever horse you like to win, on the following conditions--

1. you can only pick one horse

2. if neither mine that bird nor whatever horse you choose wins, the bet is void, and neither party owes the other

3. both mine that bird and whatever horse you choose both have to run; if either, or both, scratches, the bet is void, and neither party owes the other

28 Jun 2010 10:26 PM

are you kidding me? I go away for a few days and I come back and you're all talking about that fluke mtb? I said right after the derby he wouldn't win another race all year right after the derby didn't I?  do you really think racing him against qr is a good idea? get a grip people he is not a g1 type horse and needs to be placed where he has a shot like g3 races at best! super saver is also a fluke and won't win another g1 all year. mtb? really?

28 Jun 2010 10:29 PM

I just wanted to be able to speak in favor of a horse that is the shining star here. We don't like to hear that he was a fluke and like some people on here have said he did very well and won a lot.

If it takes going without lunch for a few days to speak my mind then I'll do it.

28 Jun 2010 10:32 PM
Jason Shandler

Ok Papillion. You're on. I'll take Quality Road. Thank you in advance.

28 Jun 2010 10:41 PM
Ted from LA

Although this horse was kind, he was getting too muscular and also thought too much of he got cut.  I was there and the vet said he had the biggest testicles he had ever seen in his practice.  They were donated to my biology class...........Somewhere he may have spotted great great++ grandbabies.

Aluminaut 28 Jun 2010 6:34 PM

The same thing happened to me after my vasectomy.  It really wasn't that big of a deal, but I felt good about being able to help out the local college.

28 Jun 2010 10:46 PM

papillion have you lost your mind? quality road is going to go off at 1 to 5 in the whitney and jog around for the win. the fluke will be lucky to hit the board! well, you know what pt barnum said...

28 Jun 2010 10:49 PM
Ted from LA


Where did you go to law school?

28 Jun 2010 10:51 PM
Ted from LA

There is a Draynay born every minute?

28 Jun 2010 10:52 PM
Tim G

jayjay and Paula, my kid has a program from the BC signed by Jerry, Ann, John, Dottie and Mike.

I'll get one from the Whitney and have Wayne, Leonard and Calvin sign it. Then you can chip in your bobblehead of Zenyatta and we'll send it all to Jason for Christmas.


Actually it'd be worth more than he deserves.

Right on cue, comments from the peanut gallery.

Thought maybe he was in the big house.

Ahh too bad you guys don't have a 'fluke' like MTB.

You'd have at least a million in the old wallet.

Your kid could pay for college and Dray help.

28 Jun 2010 10:55 PM

ted, I have no doubt that your vasectomy was no big deal.

28 Jun 2010 11:03 PM

Well, I'm back from the Mex Restaurant.  The Dodgers took forever to finish the game tonight.  At least it wasn't embarassing like the other day.  

Ted in LA, you're too funny.

Jason...As much as I kinda like Mine That Bird, I sure wouldn't pick him against Quality Road unless it was at least a mile and a quarter in the slop at Churchill......Good night all.

29 Jun 2010 2:08 AM

Definite lull right now, but the last 3 weekends at Hollywood Park should be good, and then we're off to Del Mar and Saratoga.  

I've never been much of a fan of 2 year old racing.  When I first started following the sport in 89' there were still many fans and professionals who just loved juvenile racing, working tirelessly to find that next superstar.  And for most people over 40, carefully analyzing 2 year old racing was how one discovered stars, as many of the top juveniles would go on to be the stars of the Triple Crown and beyond.

However, as a racing child of the 90s, I have learned to discount juvenile racing because few of the early 2 year old stars have gone on to be the top 3 year olds or older horses over the last 20 years.  In the 70s, the path to stardom began with summer and fall juvenile stakes races, a path Riva Ridge, Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Alydar, and Spectacular Bid all followed.  A telling statistic concerning juvenile racing since 1979 is that Lookin at Lucky was just the 4th juvenile champ over this 30 year period to go on and win a Triple Crown race(Easy Goer, Timber Country, Street Sense).  Good horses still run early in their 2 year old season, but many end up making just a few starts before being sent to the sidelines or given more time.  The days when horses would be unveiled in the summer of their 2 year old season, campaigned solidly, compete for juvenile honors, run in the Triple Crown, and come back at 4 to be a top handicap horse seem to be but a memory.  Yes, there are still examples like 'Lucky, but they are rare.

With that said, I do like Dave Hoffman's JP's Gusto, a 2 year old ridgling by Successful Appeal who won the Willard Proctor at Hollywood on Memorial Day in a time just 4 ticks off the 5.5 furlong track record(92 Beyer).  His pedigree suggests a mile will likely be his limit, but he could probably go further in the right company.  I really like his size, tactical speed, and ability to finish.  

29 Jun 2010 3:34 AM

When I did my write-up for the May 22nd Laz Barrera, I had a feeling it would prove to be a key race.  Since, runner-up Concord Point retunred to be a romping winner of the Iowa Derby, 4th place Macias ran 3rd in the gr.3 Will Rogers, and 5th place Skipshot was a narrowly beaten 2nd in the gr.3 Affirmed.  Hopefully, the classy winner of the Barrera, Smiling Tiger, will make his next start soon.

29 Jun 2010 3:38 AM
Billy's Empire

Jason, that may of been the easiest $100 you ever won.

Mine that Bird winning the Whitney would be about as likely as Zenyatta racing males on dirt before the Breeder's Cup.

29 Jun 2010 8:48 AM

Tim G,  That sounds like a great idea.

Hollywood Park cut Jason off from the Zenbobbleheads, He cant get a single one more, He went back and ended up with about 15 extra vouchers for bobbleheads, they caught on to him and told him NO More.

I think Jason was trying to fill his family and friends houses up with them, like he has his own house.  Jason is such a big fan of zen, that he wanted to give the bobbleheads for Christmas presents.

29 Jun 2010 8:53 AM


29 Jun 2010 11:36 AM
Greg J.


     Good luck with that wager!  Just wish I could have gotten in on it, I agree with Billy, Could be the easiest $100 you ever won Jason, Even though I think MTB will hit the board...

29 Jun 2010 12:25 PM
Jason Shandler

Billy and Greg J: I dont think Quality Road is a lock to win. Blame could give him a test, or another horse stepping up. But the good thing for me is at least I dont have to worry about losing the bet.

29 Jun 2010 12:29 PM

Papillon / Jason : Good luck in you bet.  If I were betting I would've bet higher placing if neither wins, that way someone gets paid lol.  

There's a good chance that QR might fold when he gets headed by Blame, in any case, it should be a good race now that MTB is in it too.  Like I said, I wouldn't be surprised if MTB is cranked and ready and beats QR and Blame but it is a bit too ambitious to run him in this race.  I'm not going to question Wayne's plan though, he knows this horse more than any of us.

29 Jun 2010 2:42 PM
Jason Shandler

Smartest ideas I have read in a long time...

29 Jun 2010 2:55 PM

blame is not in te same league as quality road. after the whitney there will no doubt who the hoy is this year !

29 Jun 2010 3:55 PM
Susan Boyle

Yeah,but honestly who can afford to plunk down $10k a month on bets in order to receive those benefits? Certainly not the average horse better who's left in limbo once again.What's their motivation?

Aren't naive college students in enough debt without having to deal with another possible gambling on-line habit? I'm sure Pops or Grandpa will be none too happy when they get that credit card statement.

The way I see this sport getting the attention of new blood is by showcasing Stakes races on weekends by one of the big national networks, allowing the newbie or casual fan the excitement & luxury of getting acquainted with and rooting for a favorite horse of their choice.That's one way to get people interested,marketing never fails. Friday night racing is a popular draw for the younger crowd too.It's cheap,fun and can compete with the nightclubs they usually attend if only they'd book bigger name artists instead of the older has-beens the tracks usually have.

I Dreamed A Dream Too,and it came true.

29 Jun 2010 4:19 PM
Paula Higgins

Tim, that that your son/daughter got a signed program from all of Zenny's connections. Good luck getting Wayne et al. to sign the Whitney program. I hope you get it. But I am not giving up my bobblehead of Zenny to Jason. Call me crazy, but I don't think he really wants it anyway. It should have a home where it is appreciated for the lovely piece of resin that it is.

29 Jun 2010 4:57 PM
Ted from LA

$10,000 in monthly discretionary gambling funds?  They are taking that, "The Sport of Kings," phrase literally, huh?  I probably bet more than 95% of the track patrons on any given visit, but that's a reach.  If I take up robbing banks for a hobby and am successful at it, that could be a good target.  Dray, I had a retort to your last post to me, but it must have been censored.  Just know that you got zinged.  High five!  Myself!!  No friends!!!

29 Jun 2010 7:45 PM
Paula Higgins

O.k. it's clear I can't edit my posts. I meant to say TIm G, that it is GREAT that your son/daughter got a signed program.

I will be surprised if Blame beats Quality Road (if he loads in the gate, GOD Bless him). I am with Draynay on this one.

29 Jun 2010 9:07 PM

Paula, Jason has plenty of Zen bobbleheads, A little bird told me Jason got hoggish and wanted all he could get, so HP cut him off.

Jason says, In his top famous horse list they are as follows, His top 5 listed are:

1.  Point Given

2.  Zenyatta

3.  Mine that Bird

4.  RA

5.  ?

Tim G. I will let you name Jason's number 5, since you know him so well.  LOL!!!!!

29 Jun 2010 9:51 PM

Is the issue really that we need new "gamblers"?  I notice that less and less "gamblers" are going to the track because there's a lack of cards.  Over here in the west coast, GG, Hollywood are both having a hard time filling up the cards.  Where have all the horses gone ?  You can't keep the players at the track if you have cards that has 6 or 7 horses running in them.   Before these tracks started limiting their schedule to 3 days a week, I see many people at the track from Fri to Sun.  I think people stopped going because the cards have less horses in them and less money to be made.  At GG, Baze pretty much dominates, it's only when he loses that a quarter of the fans cheers and celebrate because it means the winner had good odds and money was made.  The breeding industry seems to be doing well but there's less and less horses.  I want to say consolidate the lesser tracks into the bigger tracks but that means it'll affect a lot of hard working people and will only add to the unemployment issue but I'm not sure these smaller tracks will survive any further anyway.  I totally agree with the ADW and some kind of law needs to be created that forces ALL internet betting sites to give a certain percentage to the owners/trainers/jockeys and track owners.  I think it was JAJ that said not all internet sites do this at this time.

29 Jun 2010 10:00 PM
Ted from LA

I hate to be serious, but I've been a part owner in 4 different horses.  I will also try to be irreverent at the end of this post to make up for this rant. We had 3 wins, which makes us freaks I am guessing.  It's a very expensive proposition... $50,000 per year to feed and train a horse.  The purses are so pathetic at many tracks that you have to get lucky 3 or 4 times just to stay in the game.  I'm on the sidelines now  As soon as the sport allows a small group of people to buy a few horses, get a few wins, and not go broke, it will be on to something.  I was the ring leader of my group and tried to bring some good people into the the game, but most people don't like winning 3 races and still losing 75% of their money.  Perhaps it is just the Sport of Kings, but I think that is bad marketing.  We need more fans in the seats on a daily basis due to positive experiences.  Our sport is all about history and we are losing the beauty of that.  Do you all know why dogs lick their own genitals?  

30 Jun 2010 2:04 AM
Ted from LA

Because they have the opportunity to have a positive experience.  SLAM to all you "because they can" thinkers.  Paula, I'm reading your mind, I admit it.  Dray, I'm reading what you wish you were doing if you were more flexible, I admit it.

30 Jun 2010 2:10 AM
Tim G

Gunbow: I have old programs from the Derby older than he is. He said he's a racing child of the 90's. Egad I just realized I'm old.

Paula, shouldn't be a problem. Now if I tried to slip a check in there and get it signed, LOL.

Draynay is decapitalizing?

te hoy!

Sing it for us Susan!

Internet gambling? Now there's a concept. But it's only legal in how many states?

Oh well it'll still be us old folks at the track, can't get the computer stuff. Maybe the casual gambler who likes to go to the track.

Don't know if you're familiar with EMR Paula? Confusing.

Nothing replaces the scene for me, otherwise I'd just play online poker and bag the cost of horses. Nah.

30 Jun 2010 3:44 AM
Greg J.

Ted from LA,

    I believe if Dray could he would :)

30 Jun 2010 11:41 AM


You spoke of draynay proclaiming that the winner of the Whitney and the winner of the Woodward will be HOY. Yes it can quite possibly be 2 different horses but in case you forgot that's his style. Instead of darts at the board he blasts buckshot so that if one of the bb's happens to hit dead center he can proclaim "I hit the bullseye!!". It's best to ignore his crazy rants. He doesn't stand behind any of them unless one of the hundreds actually happens. He dislikes MTB because of the 16 or 17 he picked to win last years Derby MTB wasn't one of them. I'm willing to bet he used a "full choke" barrell on that prediction.

30 Jun 2010 12:09 PM
mr pibb

Greg J,

I'm borrowing your post for draynay's sake in case he missed it. You are right, it's a classic!!

 Well, Somehow it has turned into a Bobblehead blog, So, I would be remiss if I didn't reprint Joe Schmoe's classic line on the subject, lol:

"I put my Zenyatta Bobblehead on the shelf next to my Rachel Alexandra Figurine. The next time I came back Zenyatta was 5 lengths in front of Rachael. No sense fighting it, I left them that way."

joe schmoe 22 Jun 2010 2:54 PM

OK, Off to Belmont Park...

Greg J. 26 Jun 2010 7:20 AM

30 Jun 2010 12:14 PM
Kit J

This story kind of reminds me of the one about the filly I think it was a 2 year old who was in foal much to the surprise of the trainer and owners who had her at the track. Think one jumped the fence.  Anyone remember that story? I think it was somewhere in Louisiana and it was a few years ago. I'm not remembering all the details that well.

30 Jun 2010 1:12 PM

I'm confused.  

What is everyone talking about now (except genital-licking and a-Draynay-every-minute)?

p.s.  I wish I could afford to have horses.

30 Jun 2010 1:55 PM

Boy, miss a few days on this blog and you'll wonder how we started out talking about summer duldrems and Acs N Kings and ended up talking about bobbleheads, dogs personal habits and Draynay.  I can entertain the bobblehead talk but not too sure about the other threads.

Hey GunBow, I saw that race of JP's Gusto and added him to my watch stable right then and there.  Can't wait to see his next out.  Also, lots of talk about 4 year old MajesticPerfection and his track record at Prairie.  Granted, everyone set a record that day it seems like but this horse has won by huge margins in 3 straight races.  He's definately one to watch too.  And I liked another I saw not long ago, Capital Account who won by 7 in his debut.  He's a 3 year old, I think he's in Baffert's barn.  

Lots of horses to watch coming up, it's not really a dull time of year at all...

30 Jun 2010 2:58 PM
Pam S.

I just read a news story on this site about Wake at Noon, a Canadian horse who I remember from the very early part of the last decade. He broke down during a work at Woodbine and was euthanized.  He was 13.  Wake at Noon was a stud for several seasons but apparently had fertility problems, and the owner wanted to see how he would handle a work.  He would not have been eligible to race at WO due to his age, and, being ineligible, he apparently had no business being on the track.  They were going to take him to W.Va. if he did well.  WHAT a sad story.

30 Jun 2010 4:02 PM

Ted from LA

Because they can?

30 Jun 2010 4:10 PM

Wake At Noon:

He was a gallant campaigner and a champion in Canada, but not too successful outside of Canada.  I think one year he raced in a BC or some G-1 race in the States and didn’t fare too well.  I don’t think that the owner was planning on sending him to Mountaineer to try and squeeze whatever money he could out of him.  Bruno Schickedanz owns and bred a ton of horses and has always been considered a good horseman.  He recently campaigned Wondo, a Canadian Triple Crown winner, and Mobile, another top Canadian horse who was very competitive in the Arlington Million.  Both won over a million dollars in their careers.  I think that this was another case of a horse that didn’t want to stay retired and wanted to race.  Very sad.

30 Jun 2010 4:21 PM

Well the cable man just left and I now have my internet back.  Sending comments via my phone is a pain in the butt.  I am now living the life in FLORIDA.  For all of you out there not living in Florida.  HAHAAAA HAHAAAAA !  I would post responses to some of you but I think I will walk the beach and get a nice Grey Goose Martini and think about Quality Road running over everything in his path.  I will be back after the sun dips slowly into the water.

30 Jun 2010 4:37 PM

RIP Wake At Noon.

What a pity you were saddled with an @$$ of an owner. The $1 million-plus dollars you had earned in your career wasn't enough.

How ridiculous is the quote I read in another story about this? He said, "This horse was my friend. I would pat him every day. But in racing, unfortunately, these things happen."

Sure they do. Because running an old horse to death is how you treat "friends."  Disgusting.

30 Jun 2010 4:41 PM

I actually got a Zen bobblehead, but gave it to my friend's husband because he was pouting about not being invited to come along with the girls that day.  I also left my program behind, and inadvertently cashed my win ticket. So clever of me.  But, the next morning at the barn, Zen was nibbling on her personal grassy area and I got to pet her.  As soon as she saw us aproach, she went into photo op mode - you know the pose - head held high, ears pricked, the look of eagles, etc. I'm fairly tall and I could not see over her back.

She really is phenomenal.  She didn't seem to display any ill effects from #17 that morning.  

30 Jun 2010 5:02 PM

P.S Jason, I loved the story about Aces N Kings.  Great stuff. Thanks

30 Jun 2010 5:05 PM

>>>Ok Papillion. You're on. I'll take Quality Road. Thank you in advance<<<

deal =)

remember the conditions:

1. both mine that bird and quality road have to run, or the bet is void


2. this is essential a match race bet between us, one of our horses has to win--if neither mine that bird, nor quality road wins, then neither of us owes the other.

ted i went to UVA Law, why?

>>>papillion have you lost your mind? quality road is going to go off at 1 to 5 in the whitney and jog around for the win. the fluke will be lucky to hit the board! well, you know what pt barnum said...<<<

i'm not a sucker dray, the bet's actually pretty restrictive and is more than likely to fail for want of one or the other horse not showing...2 months is a long time in horse racing.

plus i got lucky with jason's pick actually--the distance disfavors both MTB and QR. for MTB it's too short and for QR its too long....i was really praying jason didn't take blame, who i think is the most likely to win it out of the three.

finally, one bird has already put QR in his place twice, and using musket man's run in the met as the measure of comparison--MTB certainly has shot, considering he beat MM easily twice, and MM almost caught QR. and hey, if i lose it's only a hundred bucks, which isn't going to break me...

30 Jun 2010 5:06 PM
Pam S.


Regarding Wake at Noon, maybe it's not a case of trying to squeeze every last dollar out of an old racehorse who failed at stud.  But that is what it sounds like.  

30 Jun 2010 5:18 PM

The Wake At Noon story is a sad one.  At some point people have to realize it is pushing the envelope to bring these horses in their teen years out of retirement.  It's not like he was lightly raced.  There are only so many races in these guys.  

I know hindsight is great, and that is where we all speak from.  But really, he was 13 and could have had a number of future jobs that would have kept him off of the racetrack.  That said, he could just as easily have fractured a leg running around in a paddock.  So, it's a sad story either way.  Rest in peace....

30 Jun 2010 5:45 PM
Carlos in Cali

Huh? I come back from my Lakers Championship Victory vacation lap to:

... something about a "teaser horse" taking cold showers for a living then getting 'lucky' and somehow sires a Champion,..or something like that.

... Doll collections, erra,Bobbleheads.

... folks still dogging little ole' MTB.

... some knucklehead(s) crowning QR HOY already,in June no less.

... Nut-chopping.

... canine & human self-indulgence.

... someone questioning D.Wayne Lukas' moves and Tim G. going ballistics.Again.

... an unlucky 13yo stud who was forced back onto the race track for "shooting blanks" then being put-down after getting spooked by a female horse. Damn,when it rains it pours.

... Jason(There'sNotta'BetIwon'tTake)Shandler shaking his demons & trying his darnedest not to take lunch money away from a 6th grade Catholic School girl who adores MTB.

... Jason(not surprisingly) instead does the noble thing and jumps-up at the opportunity to make a larger wager(more to his liking) with a fellow degenerate gambler.Thereby keeping his cred intact and more than likely putting an extra C-note in his pockets for Happy Hour usage.Way to go Bro-chacho!

... Jason endorsing a rather odd set of ideas to help rescue this sport,put forth by a  Owner/Breeder/Gambler with Beau-coup money. OY!

And finally... mz still wishing they had gotten' a little pony for their 8th birthday instead of the turtle.

30 Jun 2010 6:21 PM
Greg J.


     First off, You are telling me Schickedanz didn't know the rules at Woodbine? Please!  Woodbine rule, "Any horse older than 10 that has not won in the last year isn’t eligible to race at the track."  "Wake at Noon" was 13 and hadn't raced in over 2 1/2 years, He should never have been on the track!  After 67 races and earning's totaling almost 1.7 million, What the hell was the point to bring him back?  Give me a break, Besides being both tragic and sad, I hate the argument, "He wasn't happy away from the track".  No other career could have been attempted?  Here is a direct quote from Schickedanz, "I wanted to send him to Woodbine and see what he would do in a workout. He’s been acting like a 3-year-old at the farm. I had plans to send him to race at Mountaineer Park in West Virginia."  This wasn't new to "Wake at Noon", He had been retired to stud duty in the spring of 2004 but returned to racing that fall. He continued to race through 2005, then started three times in 2006 and three more times in 2007 before retiring again, Then back this one last time?  A complete joke...

BTW, To refresh everyone's memory, Look up "Victoriously Bold", After Schickedanz claimed this Champion gelding(He owned him on six different occasions), Five claim slips went in for the gelding one day but Schickedanz came away as the gelding's owner. He was going to uphold his promise to retire the horse, he said. The shoes were coming off that night. But the retirement lasted only one year. Schickedanz believed that Victoriously Bold wanted to go back to the track, Sound familiar?  Long story short, He wasn't retired and broke down three years later and died when he should never have been racing with his prior injuries!

IMHO, Schickedanz should be ashamed and this should never have happened to either Champion...

Don't get me wrong , I am a huge fan of older horses that are doing well on the track and have caring owners and trainers that do right by them(A HUGE fan of King of Speed), But, This man doesn't fit into that category, Not by a longshot!

R.I.P "Wake at Noon", This Champion didn't deserve this!

30 Jun 2010 7:45 PM

Laz, the comments in the Star about Wake at Noon appears to suggest that Schikendanz (sp?) was going to send him to Mountineer to actually try racing.  There were some comments that he was "jumping around like a 3YO" and he wanted to try him on the track again.  The problem is, it seems that you're not supposed to have a horse over 10 at Woodbine and somehow, he got the horse on the training track, where he took a bad step.

I thought he had done enough from before.  I'm saddened that Wake At Noon had to end his life this way.

I really, really question his owner on this.

30 Jun 2010 7:56 PM

Zen and RA fans,  Go to and check out Zen and RA halters that have been donated for a cause.

The bids are getting up there.

Zen's halter started June 29, and bids are up $1000,

RA halter started June 30, and bids are over $500.00

Both bids started at $500.00

I love the fact they do this for a charity.

30 Jun 2010 8:01 PM
Paula Higgins

Tim G, what is EMR? I know what EMS is LOL.

Ted from LA if you are reading my mind, I am worried about what you will find-maybe nothing.

30 Jun 2010 9:15 PM
Jason Shandler

lol Carlos...See what you missed? It pays to check in every day to the hottest blog going!!

BTW: Papillion must have had a change of heart. He hasnt been back to accept the bet :)

30 Jun 2010 9:56 PM

The story about the 2 year old filly in training that had a foal after working 3 furlongs in about 36 was in the Bloodhorse mag. about a year or 2+ ago.  The article said that the trainer, or someone involved with the horse arrived at the shedrow to find a group of people standing outside the fillie's stall looking in.  Usually this means that something bad has happened--a horse is cast against the wall or was hurt during the night, etc.  Instead, everyone was shocked but happy to see that she snuck and had a baby.  I think they mentioned she had been a little fat, and they wondered why.  The foal was going to a nurse mare or to be bottle-fed. I don't remember.  They said either she was turned out with a colt in the bunch as a yearling, or someone jumped the fence.

I wondered what they'd do w/the foal.  If it was DNA'd and if there'd be a way to register this unexpected arrival.

As far as colts with fillies go..  a while back my yearling filly was turned out at a farm with fillies and one colt (he may have been a recent gelding).  Anyway, she was new with the bunch and he was following her around with it hangin' and he put his chin on her big rear and tried to climb on.  He wasn't really ready. She gave him a quick kick in the chest, and he wandered off.  They were short yearlings, so I didn't say anything to the farm manager, but the next time I checked back, the colt was relocated.

I read somewhere that decades back a race mare won a while in foal and had to stop on the side of the track on the way back to the barn to foal.  Sometimes mares used to be bred and then race a couple times and retire.  Now with all the meds and vets it's less likely that a mare is bred and returns to race.

30 Jun 2010 9:58 PM

See what you missed? It pays to check in every day to the hottest blog going!!

Amen to that Jason, It is the best blog going.........

Do my eyes deceive me?  Did I just read that Draynay is only donning QR now, and has dropped RA completely?   He sure is high on the QR bandwagon now, Isnt he?

In Draynay's world, its 'What have you done for me lately'  and thats who I'll follow. lol!!!

30 Jun 2010 10:16 PM


Does that mean you're on the Oily side of the peninsula?  Hey, I've driven from Miami down to the keys, and as much as I loved the tropical feel, Florida is too hot and too muggy for me.  Right now it's 80 degrees in SoCal and maybe I'll drive up the Pacific Coast highway next week.  It'll be crisp and clear unless there's a marine layer, it which case it'll still be nice......In Florida they were putting sugar on these big watery avocados.  I guess Cubans don't know about guacamole?  Bet you like the BBQ?  Look out for the Golden Orb spiderwebs!!!

Jason, we need a new racing blog!

30 Jun 2010 10:17 PM

Hey Gals an Guys

Regarding Wake At Noon, I'm with you on this.  I'm just stating what I know about the owner who has had several horses that have earned well over a million for him.

Greg.....regarding the owner, he's worth a lot of money, has a lot of horses.  He brought Wake At Noon back once before when he didn't work out at stud and the horse didn't do anything to suggest that he would be a winner on the track again.  I'm having a hard time trying to justify what they were thinking of myself.  

30 Jun 2010 10:43 PM

Greg J

Actually I got Bruno Schickedanz mixed up with his uncle Gustav Schickedanz.  It was Gustav who raced three eventual Sovereign award winners:  Langfuhr, Glanmire and 2003 Canadian Triple Crown winner and Horse of the Year Wando.  He also won the $1 million Queens plate in 1999 with Woodcarver.

Still, Bruno is no pauper and has raced a lot of successful stakes winners including Big Ruckus, Big Virg, Effective Gal, My Heart Sez, Salty Note, Whomsoever Proud and 1995 Canadian champion three-year-old filly and champion sprinter Scotzanna, Sovereign Award winner Wake at Noon and Canadian champion One Way Love, champion older horse and sprinter in 2000.....He was also leading owner at three meets in 1999: Gulfstream Park, Woodbine and Fort Erie.....He is a very successful businessman and certrainly doesn't need the money, that's why it's hard to figure.

30 Jun 2010 11:08 PM
Tim G

Paula, it's Electronic Medical Records. The government is issuing stimulus money to a lot of facilities in particular places like an FQHC. It's expensive for a private practice but has voice controlled documentation, electronic tablets etc.

Draynay, I'll wave when a hurricane blows you over my house.

Just don't drop any 'gifts'.

Carlos, I think that's actually 'ballistic', I'm not into ballistics, I don't care for guns and I don't work for the OMI or CSI.

Now is that a contradiction? I was more defending the statement by Calvin and trying to fight the "folks still dogging little ole' MTB."

30 Jun 2010 11:29 PM

Chinese White just won a Gr 1 in England and I believe she was in foal to Cape Cross.  I remember quite awhile ago that Straight Deal was sent to a stud and then ran while she was in foal also

30 Jun 2010 11:30 PM

Aluminaut: Chinese White just won her first Group 1 in Britain -- her last race because she's in foal to Cape Cross.  Raced with great credit this year, while in foal.

Anyone remember the name of the mare who raced about 10 yrs ago in some stakes, I think in California, while in foal?  

And Carlos: I wanted a little horsey, not a little pony.

01 Jul 2010 12:01 AM


I recently read an article here on Bloodhorse about a 5-year-old mare named Chinese White winning the Group 1 Audi Pretty Polly Stakes June 26 while in foal to Cape Cross. The write-up said she was being retired after the race.

I'd never heard of a mare racing while in foal. Just sounded weird. Is it a rare practice?

01 Jul 2010 12:46 AM


01 Jul 2010 1:44 AM

Jason, I need your advice.  I have tried everything and I don't know what else to do.  I have a lot of horse bobble heads and like to display them all together but every time I leave the house when I come back the Zenyatta bobble head is hiding in the closet. What can I do to keep Zenyatta from hiding from the other horses ?

01 Jul 2010 9:01 AM
Billy's Empire

Carlos, that was a great post! Too funny!

So, some of us were questioning Wayne for his route with MTB. What does everyone think about I Want Revenge running in the Suburban this weekend?

01 Jul 2010 9:53 AM
Jason Shandler

New blog tomorrow guys. Sorry, Im swamped with other stuff. We'll preview the holiday weekend races...

Until then, let's hope Wayne can find a spot for MTB :)

01 Jul 2010 11:36 AM


That's because Zenyatta heard that this year's BC is being held in the closet.  Of course, all those other horses you're talking about are afraid of the BC.  That's why they finally came out of the closet.

01 Jul 2010 11:47 AM


She'll come out of the closet on Saturday, November 6, 2010.

Hopefully we won't have Quality Road doing what Rachel Alexandra did in the Apple Blossom.

Pletcher and Quality Road: Show UP!

01 Jul 2010 12:14 PM

"BTW: Papillion must have had a change of heart. He hasnt been back to accept the bet :)"

jason, check your submissions moderation list from yesterday, my acceptance post was submitted sometime around 4:21pm (draynay's cable post wasn't up yet, but the wake at noon post above it was).

anyway, as i attempted to say yesterday, the bet is on.

the conditions, as agreed, are that both mine that bird and quality road have to run, if either scratches the bet is void; and that either mine that bird or quality road has to win for the bet to vest--if neither horse wins, then neither of us owes the other, regardless of the order of finish.

ps: i'll screen capture this post and the confirmation just in case this post also seems to disappear.

01 Jul 2010 12:19 PM
joe schmoe


How about trying something original? Come up with your own stchick. Don't go stealing the bobblehead humor from someone like me. I think you need a longer break from here than the one you just took to re-charge your feeble mind.

01 Jul 2010 12:47 PM

OK, Jason - you can have another life than these blogs....but don't forget them what brought you to the dance.

And to end this: HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!

01 Jul 2010 1:07 PM

Carlos is Cali, Tell me how my admiration of Mine That Bird is any different from those, aren’t you one, who admire the California horses including Lookin at Lucky or Zenyatta or those who admire Quality Road or Rachel Alexandra? None of whom by the way, have won a Kentucky Derby. The most recognized race in the United States if not the World.

So in short,

a. I’m not Catholic, b. I’m about 30 years removed from a schoolgirl, c. I come from Mine That Bird’s adopted home state,  d. he’s become a huge fan favorite here among people of all ages and gender, e. I work extremely hard for my money and like a lot of people try to support my family so I don't have much to spare,  f. I can’t stand the NBA, g. I despise the LA Lakers and  h-z.  Anyone who admires a person like a certain player on that team has no room to talk about anyone else.

01 Jul 2010 1:19 PM

By the way, does this Draynay person ever have an original thought?

The time for the Zenyatta bobblehead comment was before the other person made the cute comment about her being 5 lengths in front of Rachel. Now it just comes off at a desperate attempt at copycat humor.

01 Jul 2010 1:22 PM
Jason Shandler

Mine That Bird was entered in the Firecracker July 4 on turf. Hmmm...

01 Jul 2010 2:01 PM
Tim G

well you got your wish jason.

01 Jul 2010 2:14 PM

"Mine That Bird was entered in the Firecracker July 4 on turf. Hmmm..."

jshandler 01 Jul 2010 2:01 PM

Has MTB ever trained, let alone run, on turf? I understand this is just a first race to get him back in the game, but I'm surprised they would start him on an unfamiliar surface.

01 Jul 2010 2:46 PM
Carlos in Cali

Billy, I think the Suburban field is pretty much right-up his alley for his long awaited comeback(at least for me). 1-to-1 1/16th would have been more reasonable,but he's a top class horse no doubt. According to Jason's piece,he's been training great and steadily improving so I see no reason for him to bomb,though he might get a little leg weary late. The pace should be to his benefit,(rabbit or not)because Regal Ransom & Haynesfield are pretty quick individuals anyways. I say he runs good enough to win it on class & ability..we'll see though.I'm just hoping he's the same Monster he was on dirt before his injury last year,cuz' if he is...look out! So,yeah.MTB possibly taking on QR & Blame in the Whitney is a whole new different ballgame I'd say,especially w/out a prep.

Jason, Did you know that the real Papillon(Fr. butterfly) was an escape artist at some French  colony prison awhile back?..Good luck, I know a Native American who can track him down for you. LOL.  So,what's up with that Live Chat tomorrow... it's due.

01 Jul 2010 2:53 PM
Carlos in Cali

Kristin, relax.I was joking.Though you did say you were willing to go a few days w/out lunch,right?..and, take back what you said about the NBA & the Lakers! :)

Ooops! I'll call off the man-hunt for Papillon.

Papillon,all I can say is: better you than me,good luck you'll need it.

01 Jul 2010 3:19 PM

Getting back to strange breeding resulting in an unexpected winner - many years ago a mare named Joppy was bred to a stallion named Saggy.  Not exactly "the best to the best." More like "the cheap to the cheapest."  The result was Carry Back, who would go on to win the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and my heart for all time.

01 Jul 2010 3:21 PM
mr pibb

It's official draynay is certifiably insane. Who in their right mind would buy a place in Florida destined to be a wasteland of tar balls? Keep the dogs inside draynay or they may get swallowed up by the oil.

01 Jul 2010 3:32 PM
Jason Shandler

Rachel to the ungraded Lady's Secret Stakes at Monmouth July 24. And the day just keeps getting more bizarre...

01 Jul 2010 3:55 PM


Jess Jackson is up to his tricks again.

He is bilking another racetrack out of money and the fools running the track are on their knees with their tongues out ready to pay him.

He's bilking Monmouth Park out of another $250,000 in purse money for Lady's Secret Stakes.

The Lady's Secret is ungraded and was supposed to be run on August 1, 2010. Now, they are going to make it $400,000 and switch the date of the race to July 24, 2010.

This Rachel Alexandra should of never been voted "Horse of the Year". He is making her look cheap by placing her in ungraded competition or in non-Grade I events. She is not doing the award justice, by any means.

Why did Steve Asmussen take her to Saratoga? He should of took her closer to Monmouth.

01 Jul 2010 4:16 PM

WoW, Jess Jackson just slapped Saratoga in the face.  Sends her up there, and now she is not even going to be racing there in the Ruffian or the Personal E.?

What is with this man?  I'm pretty sure the Rachel A. fans in NY arent to happy.....

01 Jul 2010 4:44 PM
Carlos in Cali

I looked up the word 'Duck' and there was a picture of JJackson alongside Daffy. Un-freakin'-believable!!

01 Jul 2010 5:18 PM

I figured there would already be some comments about it.  I'm confused as well.  Is it just the money ??  I mean G1 vs ungraded ?  Whichever race she goes, other horses will shy away so it's not like some tough horse is gunning after her at all.   It doesn't make sense at all.  The only thing I can think of is that she is still not the same Rachel and that the FDL is what it obviously was, an easy race to get the win.  At this time, this close to the BC, she should be running in ONLY G1 races.  There's no sense in what JJ is doing with her.   If this is more of getting her back in shape, then they should say something about that, people will be critical about it but at least there's a reason for doing what they're doing.  I want Rachel to go to the BC, regardless of what race she runs in but as the reigning HOTY, like Secretariat said, that award is starting to look cheap.  I don't necessarily expect her to "justify" the award, she earned it with everything she did last year.  I just expected a little bit more from her this year.

I was so sure she was being pointed to the Personal Ensign to try her at the distance in preparations for the Classic but obviously we can safely say Classic is not her destination.

I just think she's not the same horse as last year and I hope that is not the case but I just can't think of any other reason.  It can't be the money, JJ's suits are probably worth 400K a piece so he's not short on that.  I'm hoping Jason can make some phone calls and find out what the deal is.

01 Jul 2010 5:21 PM

Next: Zenyatta in a steeplechase.  Just as long as its in California.

01 Jul 2010 5:22 PM

This is pure BS :

"We had a great experience at Monmouth Park," Jackson said, "and we appreciate the overwhelming show of support the fans there have given us. It's the perfect place to start what we hope will be another championship run."

What championship run can you make out of 2 loses in less than G1 races and a weak field in FDL, followed by an ungraded stakes ??

If they had planned a Rachel Bobblehead for fans, or charity work or even trying to help out Monmouth track get some attendance (which they really don't need, they're doing well at the moment), then it would make at least some sense.

JJ should stop playing the trainer part.  Notice how it's all him talking again, what's Steve Asmussen's take on this ?  Or is there another gag order in place ??  Just ridiculous, I think SA should give up that job, there's no glory in training a horse like Rachel if the owner tapes his mouth shut.

01 Jul 2010 5:28 PM

Kit J, it was Tiger Eyed that you're remembering.  As a 2-year-old, this Lousiana-bred gave birth unexpectedly, while still in training  In fact, she worked 3 furlongs just days prior to foaling.  They immediately sent her back to the track and placed her foal with a surrogate.  I've been following her career on my virtual stable.  She did break her maiden, but she hasn't been heard from for over a year.  There's a picture of her with her foal at

01 Jul 2010 5:32 PM

Carlos, NEVER! The only NBA team I even slightly follow are the Kings, because I went to school with the owner.

Do you ever eat lunch out? Going without that as my treat.

I agree, Rachel Alexandra running in a race that only had the purse increased if she runs. Something is fishy in Denmark.

Who knows if the Bird will even run. Mr. Lukas said he might or might not run him. He didn't want to ship to Monmouth, maybe he entered just as a possibility and will scratch? Or maybe he entered him in that race because he didn't want Jason to worry. ;)

Secretariat, I think she was based out of Saratoga last year, wasn't she? The cooler weather or something. I've read Mr. Zito bases a lot of his horses there and travels in the New York and New Jersey area.

01 Jul 2010 5:36 PM

the only thing that I can say about the Firecracker is that a turf race is a good conditioning race, at least.  Can't say much about the ungraded Lady's Secret at Monmouth.  Hopefully they get a field.

01 Jul 2010 6:21 PM
Pam S.

I'm very surprised by these plans for Rachel.  I was sure she would be running in a G1 at Saratoga.  Another ungraded race, regardless of the purse enhancement, makes it seem like the connections think she's "not ready for prime time."  Also, it'll do nothing to enhance her championship credentials.  

Well, who thinks the Lady's Secret is going to be a prep for the Woodward?  And why did JJ want the date changed anyhow?  Kind of detracts from Saratoga's opening weekend.

01 Jul 2010 6:31 PM

Wayne said that he isn't commited to running MTB in the Firecracker, they nominated him to keep their options open. He's leaving it up to the owners to decide to go or train on up to the Whitney.

Regarding Rachel in the Lady's Secret, well if they want to run her in a graded race in July what ARE the options?  I don't see anything at 8.5-9 furlongs for older fillies available.  What race am I missing?  I know we think the obvious next start would have been the Ruffian a week later, but with the Lady's Secret they "could" still run her in the Personal Ensign at the end of August.  Surely they want to try her at a mile and a quarter at some point?  

01 Jul 2010 6:39 PM

The ungraded Lady's Secret Stakes at Monmouth? Really? I thought Rachel was headed to the Ruffian Handicap?

What could Jess Jackson possibly be thinking? Is this race expected to draw a better class of competitors than the Ruffian because of the newly enhanced purse?

I would think a Grade 1 race would be more of a draw for fillies and mares.

01 Jul 2010 7:25 PM

I wonder how long it would take JJ to suddenly change his mind and look for another race if a bunch of G-1 fillies and mares suddenly showed up for the Lady's Secret?

01 Jul 2010 8:23 PM

Was Bonnie Raitt singing about Wayne and Mine That Bird? "Let's Give them Something to talk About"

Believe it when you see it. But really turf is a good conditioning race and he says he's training for the Whitney so, maybe.

Several artists who sang "Crazy" were were definitely singing about Jess Jackson.

Interesting thought about G1 fillies showing up. $400,000 is nothing to sneeze at, hmmmm. Bet they'd bail if anyone of note showed up.

01 Jul 2010 9:51 PM

Rachel in the Lady's Secret? *rolls eyes* What's the point? Really, at least keep her in a G2 or even G3 level... But ungraded? I agree with the other comments regrading this, what's the point?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the West Virgina Derby ( where Mine That Bird was third ) run on turf? Which would mean he has run on turf. Still, I think an allowance on dirt might be a better option for him....

As for the Zenyatta bobble-head, I'm trying to buy one on eBay but the things are dang expensive! I hope I can get one...  

01 Jul 2010 10:22 PM

Just read the article about Rachel going to an ungraded stakes/optional claiming race.  Immediately thereafter, I threw up in my mouth.  Is this some kind of joke?  

01 Jul 2010 10:26 PM
Paula Higgins

Tim G, got it-electronic medical records.

Rachel going to the Lady's Secret reflects their lack of confidence in where she is at right now. I also think they are trying to rack up some races/build up her confidence but not burn her out like they did last year. They are taking a page from John Shirreff's playbook but the difference is Zenny runs in grades stakes with some real competition (St. Trinians).

01 Jul 2010 10:32 PM

Mine That Bird on the turf is a great idea.  Actually this guy might take to the turf easier than most think.  He won something like three or four races at Woodbine and horses that do well on the Polytrak usually run well on turf.

01 Jul 2010 10:53 PM

Dusty the WV Derby is on dirt.

It's not unusual for a horse to train over turf. He may have had a gallop or a work, does anyone know?

Although as Wayne says, he isn't trying to develop a turf horse, he's trying to develop a handicap horse. He needs a race, this may be as good as anything else.

01 Jul 2010 11:10 PM

mz : If that happens, she will be racing in a GRADED steeplechase race and she will have to travel for that, since there are no steeplechase races here in California that I know of.

Runfast : I hope that that is the plan, it's the only thing that actually makes sense.  At least now there's one viable explanation (if that's really the plan.)  JJ probably thinks the Ruffian and PE are too close together for Rachel to run in both so hopefully this IS the plan.  

Specially with the date change, it looks like they will most likely target the PE after this race.  Nice comment Runfast, at least now we can relax.  That is, if that's actually the plan lol.

01 Jul 2010 11:11 PM

Aint that something,  RA is going to race in the LS on the east coast, and on the west coast the LS race is officially called the 'Zenyatta Stakes' isnt it?  

01 Jul 2010 11:27 PM

I hate to say this, but I give up on trying to figure Jess Jackson out this year.  His actions are compared to a person standing in a round room looking for a corner.

02 Jul 2010 12:30 AM
joe schmoe

RA going in a Non-Graded Stakes?!! I guess she needs to stay facing former Claimers and low level Allowance horses to compete. This is further evidence that they totally blew the call last year with the HOY voting. The real "fluke" last year is further being exposed. The longer the year goes on the weaker the competition she is willing to face. What a crock this year is turning out to be for RA. Might as well retire her, the only thing they are doing is tarnishing her reputation which was in reality built on beating only average older horses last year anyway. I hope the East Coast writers who perpatrated the blown call last year are paying attention.  

Furthermore, I think draynay needs a new set of eyes. The bobblehead hiding in his closet is really RA pretending to be Zenyatta.

02 Jul 2010 7:55 AM
RA Exposed Again

LMAO, Rachael Alexandra after having to face former Claimers to get a win will now duck completely out of Graded Stakes for her next start. Why bother? Retire her to the stud barn. At least she gets to finish that race being the horse in front.

02 Jul 2010 8:09 AM

Early this year I posted a comment and was promptly attacked by draynay who by the way has claimed he never ridicules anyone personally. I've seen him challenge people to show him where he has ever ridiculed someone. It gives me great pleasure to remind him of what I said and what a jerk he was to attack someone for expressing their opinion. Here's the replay:

"People who question if RA can ever be better than Zenyatta? The answer is No!!

Why? you asked,  Because RA will never retire with both BC wins.

She will never retire "Undefeated"

She will only be remembered for "One" good year.

She will be defeated again in 2010!

If she races at all, thats a big if...she will only run in 5 or 6 races at the most.

So all of you who are condemning Zenyatta's schedule last year? wait til you see RA schedule this year, if she races at all....

It took every thing out of her to win the last 3 races she was in...on her belly to beat Macho Again....Zenyatta would have wiped the floor with RA on any surface.....

Phony 13 Jan 2010 6:39 PM"

Phony is your name?  It suits you.

Draynay 13 Jan 2010 10:09 PM

I guess we know who the REAL phony is now draynay!!!!! Pay special attention to my brilliant predictions that rachael would lose this year and the best one of all regarding wait until you see rachaels race schedule for 2010. Isn't that schedule turning out to be a joke? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

02 Jul 2010 8:44 AM

TBOwner, yeah, it is, I just.. had a brain freeze? LOL.

And, at least when Zenyatta ran in the Lady's Secret ( west coast style ), is a G1. But if it's the Zenyatta.... that will be the one race she loses if she runs in it. Zenyatta can not win the Zenyatta... there's just something wrong about that.

02 Jul 2010 8:49 AM
Sam Not Spam

Any G1 race on poly > ungraded race.  Talk about taking the soft option...

02 Jul 2010 9:19 AM
Tim G

Turf race for a dead fit horse? Stranger things have happened.

Like a supposedly dead fit mare running in an ungraded race strictly for the money, when owned by a billionaire.

Maybe his grapes have turned to raisins?

I definitely disagreed with Mark Allen and Zayat trying to block Rachel out of the Preakness, but now is the time for horsemen with an eligible (cough) female to step up and enter in the LS. Then they could scratch when Rachel does and the purse reverts back to the $150,000 and then the other fillies could run at Saratoga in the races they were scheduled for.

It's time his machinations were met by like-minded deviousness.

Someone on another blog said owners were greedy and power hungry. I'm hoping this is who they were referring to when they made that comment and not all of us in general.

Last night racing at CD, then the big bang up on Monday and then on to Saratoga!

Stay in Florida Dray, they need you to wash birds, the greatest contribution you could make to your adopted home, seriously.

We'll do fine at The Spa without you.

02 Jul 2010 10:38 AM

Nice try Jess. Your girl is on as much of a Championship run as Team France at the World Cup.

Don't worry though, your compliant eastern media and fans will fully support you in your phony campaign. While they bad mouth Zenyatta's connections who continue their streak of GRADE 1 challenges leading to the Breeders Cup Classic.

RA isn't going to win the Classic which she is very unlikely to run in anyways. RA will be lucky to win the Lady's Classic. Even winning the Lady's Classic won't win her a championship. Not based on what her campaign in 2010 is turning out to be.

Grade 1 races are what counts for Championships not $400K allowance races. RA has none this year and it looks unlikely that she will win any Grade 1 races in 2010.

Older Mare Eclipse: Zenyatta.


RA: Who???

Championship campaign to what?

02 Jul 2010 12:01 PM
my daughter named her pet duck rachael alexandra

I looked up the word 'Duck' and there was a picture of JJackson alongside Daffy. Un-freakin'-believable!!

Carlos in Cali 01 Jul 2010 5:18 PM

That's just dissssssspicable Carlos. (")<....quack quack!!

02 Jul 2010 12:16 PM

Golly, who knew, when this blog started, where it would eventually go? I'm almost dizzy from the convoluted path it's followed.  There have been some really fantastic contributions, and then there is poor Mr. Draynay. I have noticed that he has been as quiet as the proverbial church mouse regarding Rachel's next "big challenge".

There is a whole lot of talent out there on the track this year.  Not everyone can win, but they can show up for the dance, and hopefully stay healthy and happy.  Just send out positive thoughts.....and hell, hug a tree, or a horse while you're at it.

02 Jul 2010 3:20 PM

Enjoyed the teaser story, it's nice to read something happy, for a change.

02 Jul 2010 10:33 PM

Aces N Kings won today! 5F in 57:41 by 2 1/2 lengths, not too shabby!  He looks bigger and more developed than most 2yos and looked great galloping out & going to the winner's circle - like he knew that's where he belongs.  The kid's got Class! I predict Jet Phone may get a bump in visiting mares. ;-)

Thank you for bringing him to our attention, Jason.  Hope he stays healthy & happy.

03 Jul 2010 8:40 PM
Love That Mare!

Cheers to Aces N Kings!  Congrats to all his connections. ... check out his pic!

4 for 4 for starters.  

04 Jul 2010 11:48 AM

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