Laserex Technologies Launches All-New Laser 3000 TM Veterinary Laser

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SUBJECT: Laserex Technologies announces the launch of the all new
Laser 3000 TM Veterinary laser.

Adelaide, South Australia, May 2009. Laserex Technologies, announces the world-wide
release of its brand new laser therapy unit, the Laser 3000TM. This represents an
exciting direction for the company as it responds to the demands for a high powered,
hand held laser therapy unit. The Laser 3000TM is now available for sale!

The Laser 3000 TM symbolizes a breakthrough in design and product features. The unit
has the facility for interchangeable heads, allowing one to purchase an additional head,
thereby upgrading the laser economically. The Laser 3000TM also comes with a probe
recognition feature, a remote interlock, electronic key code and a high color OLED
display. Powers range from 5mW-450mW and are available in all common wavelengths.
This makes the Laser 3000TM ideal for treating large muscle groups requiring high levels
of power and energy.

Laserex's design and development team devised a unit that provides a highly efficient,
versatile and cost effective solution for the Veterinary market. The ergonomic design of
the Laser 3000 TM makes it both comfortable and safe to use either in the office or out in
the field.

Laserex Technologies, an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company, designs, manufactures
and markets laser therapy units suitable for use by Veterinarians, Doctors, Physicians,
Physiotherapists, Naturopaths as well as alternative medicine practitioners. The laser
therapy units are ergonomically designed with the Professional in mind. Laserex
products are manufactured so that price, performance and features are not

For further details contact:
Mr Milan Coric - Sales & Marketing Executive
Laserex Technologies Pty Ltd
5A Corbett Court
Export Park SA 5950

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