Regal Heart: An American Filly

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July 16th, 2015 Northern California

Regal Heart: An American Filly, a fictional novel by T.R. Racki, launches Thoroughbred Racing's next bestseller.

T.R. Racki brings a unique and trend setting approach to getting a new book published via Pubslush, a crowdfunding site specifically designed for authors, while gaining new fans and growing the sport of Thoroughbred Racing.

A life-long owner, breeder, and fan of the sport, Racki wrote Regal from the heart, utilizing his personal experiences in the game. Regal Heart seeks to draw new life-long fans to the sport through an entertaining and introspective literary ride.

Typically, mainstream books are published in a closed system where fans and readers have no say in the outcome. Racki rewrites this process by allowing early supporters to have a significant say in the process. Those who preorder will be able to vote on a number of the book's aspects, including the overall look and plot elements.

Pre-orders for Regal Heart, An American Filly
July 16 - August 29


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