Kentucky Equine Research to Host Lasix Seminar in Conjunction with OBS March Sale

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VERSAILLES, Ky.─ Joe D. Pagan, Ph.D., founder and president of Kentucky Equine Research <>  (KER), will present a seminar titled "Lasix Use in Racehorses: A Nutritional Perspective," on March 16 in Ocala, Fla.
Dr. Pagan will summarize new knowledge of electrolyte loss and replacement in furosemide-treated horses and introduce a revolutionary electrolyte program formulated specifically for horses administered furosemide.
The event, which is open to the public, will showcase Race Recovery <> , an electrolyte that provides targeted supplementation for maintenance of optimal electrolyte balance. Electrolytes, including calcium and magnesium, are lost in racehorses through sweat and high-volume urine excretion, which is brought about by furosemide administration. In order to rebound quickly from exertion, electrolytes must be given during specific windows after exercise.
"The cyclical nature of training and racing on furosemide has the potential to keep horses in electrolyte imbalance. Unfortunately, horses cannot train and run their best when electrolyte status is not optimal," said Bryan Waldridge, D.V.M., M.S. "Electrolyte replacement is therefore imperative for top-notch performance. Recognizing this, most trainers achieve replacement through daily supplementation."
Beyond normal everyday supplementation lies Race Recovery, a system designed to strategically replenish electrolytes at critical times following exercise.
Samples of the product will be available at the event, which will be held at 5:30pm in the Saratoga Room of the Ocala Hilton.
Race Recovery is the newest addition to the KERx line <>  of special-needs supplements developed by KER. The range of products addresses commonplace conditions like obesity and gastrointestinal health as well as complex problems like tying-up and bone demineralization. Backed by science and preferred by veterinarians, KERx products are designed with one goal in mind: to optimize the health of your horse.


Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is an international equine nutrition, research and consultation company serving both the horse producer and the feed industry. Its goal is to advance the industry's knowledge of equine nutrition and exercise physiology and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses. For more information, see <> or call 888-873-1988.


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