Introducing Well-Horse Thrush Off, The Hoof Saver That Heals

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 Introducing Well-Horse Thrush Off, The Hoof Saver that Heals
The Only Safe Natural Hoof Product That Eliminates Thrush & Heals Inside
the Hoof

Are your stalls and working areas less than ideal for your horses
feet? Eliminate any chance of nasty thrush bacteria while healing
the inside of the hoof with Well Horse ‘Thrush Off’. Relax,
unlike other thrush killing products, Thrush Off is non-toxic,
non-caustic and will not burn sensitive or live tissue. It heals the
inside of the hoof naturally while it acts as an antibiotic. Use
Thrush Off weekly to prevent infections such as thrush, absesses,
quarter cracks, and white line disease. Thrush Off heals and
will not burn the coronet band or an open wound and quickly
eliminates nasty black necrotic (dead) tissue around the frog,
cleft and sulcus.
Application is easy with the handy bottle and brush. Once the
black necrotic (dead) tissue has been removed and the inside of
the hoof has been cleaned, you simply brush on Thrush Off to
target and eliminate thrush and its’ foul odor and regain healthy
tissue growth. Developed by Master Farrier, Coco Fernandez,
Thrush Off is an organic, 100% natural proprietary blend of
specific tree resins from the Amazon Rain Forest. (No trees are
harmed in this process.) It is non-toxic, contains no iodine and
will not burn injured tissue and is safe for all animals.
“Thrush Off shortens the recovery time dramatically when treating injuries and
infections to the coronet band, cracked heels, thrush, absesses, quarter cracks and
laminitis” said Fernandez, “it’s the only hoof saver that also heals”. Samples, stories
and locations to buy can be found at
Well-Horse • (419) 295-0474 •

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