Well Horse Launches the First Aid Kit in a Bottle

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Well Horse Launches the First Aid Kit in a Bottle
How do you heal open wounds or unsightly skin conditions? Now
you can expect wonders with Well Horse Antibacterial Resin and
advanced healing formula. Well Horse stops infection immediately
and forms a layer of protection to keep dirt out of wounds. In addition,
it heals ugly skin conditions, such as burns, skin fungus,
scratches, dew poisoning, rain rot, ring worm, girth itch, bit sores
and cracked heals. Well Horse is the fastest working First Aid Kit
in a Bottle with the easy to use dauber or spray.
Well Horse is an organic, 100% natural proprietary blend of specific
tree resins from the Amazon Rain Forest, plus antioxidants, simple
phenols, diterpenes, phytosterols and lignans. (No trees are harmed
in this process.) It is Non-toxic, contains no iodine and will not
burn injured tissue and is safe for all animals.
Wounds and skin problems heal faster without killing the hair follicle
while forming new collagen and regenerating tissue. What
that means to your horse is that the hair grows back (without telltale
white hair re-growth). "Every owner knows the heartbreak of
wounds healing improperly causing proud flesh, scars and unsightly
white hairs," said Coco Fernandez, creator of Well Horse. "Now
with Well Horse, wounds and skin problems heal themselves and
get you back to the show ring quickly".
Whether you discover a gaping wound in your horses' stall, or find girth itch when
you're away showing, Well Horse is you all-in-one "First Aid Kit in a Bottle".
Samples, stories and locations to buy can be found at www.well-horse.com .
Well-Horse • (419) 295-0474 • Well-Horse.com

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