Rolled-Up Newspaper Activates Dual-Action Hoof Conditioner

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Rolled-Up Newspaper Activates Dual-Action Hoof Conditioner

SAV-A-HOOF  PROTECTANT  has been introduced by SBS Equine Products after a year of testing at the Everglades Ranch in SW Florida.  According to SBS Researchers, this is ground zero for the worst environmental conditions a hoof can endure.  Half the year it rains almost every day and the other half it hardly rains at all.

Buffing the coating with rolled-up newspaper provides enough friction to form a clear hard finish that protects the horn, sole & frog from excess moisture and contaminates (repels mud, manure & urine). The coating kills thrush, bacteria & fungus as well.

The PROTECTANT contains a natural plant emulsion that is harvested from the rain forests of Brazil. It repels external moisture and allows the hoof to breathe naturally through the sole and frog.  This helps keep hooves flexible and strong.  The product works well in either wet (keep external moisture out) or dry climatic conditions (keep internal moisture in).

For more information concerning the above press release, please contact:

Ray Tricca
SBS Equine Products
3888 Mannix Dr., Unit 303
Naples, FL 34114

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