Temporary Tack Emergency Halter Repair Kit

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Temporary Tack Emergency Halter Repair Kit

Four Footed Essentials of Midway, Ky. has developed Temporary Tack, a kit that includes sized, color-coded sections that can be used to repair broken halters in emergency situations.
Designed for use on all types of livestock, Temporary Tack comprises the crown strap, throat latch, cheek piece, nose band, and chin strap for both English and adjustable chins. Straps are adjustable and reusable.
This easy-to-use kit fits easily in glove compartments or tack boxes, and provides an immediate solution for those in danger of losing control of their animal.
For more information and to order directly, contact Four Footed Essentials; P.O. Box 4421, Midway, Ky. 40347; 866/333-4414; www.temporarytack.com

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