One Shot Pro Whitening Shampoo

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Dave Campanella
Best Shot Equine

One Shot Pro Whitening Shampoo
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY - June 22, 2009 -
Best Shot is excited to broaden the One Shot(R) brand line of grooming products with the introduction of it's professional whitening shampoo.  One Shot Pro Whitening Shampoo deep cleans and brightens white and light coats, manes, and tails.  It reduces discoloration and stains without harmful bleach or peroxides. It's natural blend of concentrated coconut cleansers, wheat protein, aloe extract, and rosemary extract restore your animals hair to its natural color and vibrancy.
It can be used together with any of Best Shot's silk protein conditioners and finishing sprays to release stubborn shedding and undercoat too.  
This latest product introduction will further expand the registered "One Shot Rinse" trade name with convenient sought after grooming products like waterless shampoo spray, whitening shampoo, and even wipes for horses, dogs, and cats.
Retailers can look to Best Shot for quality profitable products that thrill consumers and keep them coming back for more.

 Best Shot Pet Products Intl. is a leading manufacturer of natural coat and skin care products for pets and animals since 1990.  Known for quality, convenience, and innovations Best Shot is also the pioneer of de-matting and de-tangling shampoos and conditioners in the grooming industry.
Best Shot products are distributed largely through specialty catalogs, online retailers, and independent pet & tack stores and boutiques.  The company continually evolves its "green" business practices, is totaly animal cruelty free, and proud to be made in America.
2010 marks the company's upcoming 20th Anniversary which promises to bring more new products, innovations, and overall excitement!

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