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Vetericyn™ One-Step Wound & Infection Treatment Works Naturally
with Animal Immune Systems to Speed Healing Time
(RIALTO, CALIF.) June 24, 2009:  Vetericyn Inc., a California-based animal healthcare company, has announced the launch of its new Vetericyn™ equine product, available in a 16-ounce trigger spray for horses. Vetericyn™ utilizes an FDA-cleared technology that has been used to successfully treat over one million human patients without a single serious adverse effect. Now, the innovative topical wound-care product is available to the animal healthcare market.
Vetericyn™ is the first non-toxic broad-spectrum antimicrobial on the market. The landscape-altering wound and infection control technology works naturally with the animal’s immune system to kill bacteria (including staph and drug-resistant MRSA), viruses, fungi and spores without harming healthy tissue.
Vetericyn™ utilizes a proprietary and non-cytotoxic formulation of an oxychlorine compound, similar to that produced by the animal’s own immune system, which can be applied locally to an infection site to facilitate healing.
Key benefits of Vetericyn™ include:
·    Broad spectrum infection treatment – Vetericyn™ is scientifically designed to treat a wide variety of wounds, skin ulcers and abrasions. It can be used to treat hot spots, ring worm, pigeon fever, rain and cinch rot, eye and ear infections, fungal infections, skin rashes, cuts and burns, post-surgical incisions and topical infections.
·    Accelerated healing time – Wounds treated with Vetericyn™ have demonstrated a reduction in healing time of up to 60 percent. In vitro results show that Vetericyn™ can safely kill 99.9999 percent of most single-cell pathogens within 30 seconds. Treatment with Vetericyn™ more than doubles the oxygen supply at the wound site within 30 seconds and maintains that level for up to 36 hours. This increased oxygen and the eradication of infection are responsible for the accelerated healing time.

·    Reduces inflammation and eliminates odor – Vetericyn™ inhibits the release of histamines which causes chronic wound inflammation. Wound odor is also eliminated by killing bacteria, helping to keep flies and other pests away from outdoor animals during treatment.

·    Safe as water – Vetericyn™ is pH neutral and can be used safely in the eyes, mouth and nose without stinging, irritation or shock.  It will not cause injury if ingested by animals. Because Vetericyn™ works in the same way as an animal’s immune system, the body recognizes it as a friendly infection-treating ally.

·    Convenient for anyone to use anywhere – As a one-step cleanser and dressing, Vetericyn™ eliminates the need for multiple products and treatment steps, allowing for the healing to begin immediately. Vetericyn™ is ready for immediate use with no mixing or dilution required. Unlike betadine or iodine, gloves and other safety equipment are not required to apply Vetericyn™ and there is no staining or mess. Vetericyn™ is a “no-rinse” formula, leaving no film or residue that needs to be cleaned off the animal.

·    Extended shelf life, remains sterile – Unlike saline, a container of Vetericyn™ will remain sterile after opening. Users simply recap tightly and store at room temperature out of direct sun. Electrolyzed water has been in use for decades, but past formulations have limited shelf life. Vetericyn has a shelf life of 18 months.

·    Environmentally friendly – Vetericyn™ is as safe on the environment as it is on the patient. The non-toxic, pH neutral formula does not require any special handling or disposal precautions.  Vetericyn solution is 100 percent biodegradable.

·    Safe for Competition – Vetericyn™ is steroid- and antibiotic-free. Because it contains no banned substances, it “tests free” on competitive horses.

The 16-ounce trigger spray formula is ideal for large animals. It should be sprayed directly on animals to treat wounds. Vetericyn can also be used as a preventative measure by spraying on tack and blankets that are moved from animal to animal.  The product fits conveniently in a saddlebag, and riders are encouraged to take Vetericyn™ along on rides in order to treat any injuries as soon as they occur.
Vetericyn™ is available throughout the United States at local feed and tack shops at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $35. It may also be purchased at

About Vetericyn Inc.
Based in Rialto, Calif., Vetericyn Inc. is a privately held company that was formed in 2009 for the purpose of providing premier healthcare products to the equine and companion animal markets. Vetericyn’s owners have been in the animal market for over 40 years as owners of livestock, horses and breeders of hunting dogs and reining horses. More information is available at or by calling 866-318-3116.

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