Re: Press Release for New Flash-Panel Crossbuck Sliding Doors

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 From: Armour Companies
Brooke Monroe

Re: Press Release for New Flash-Panel Crossbuck Sliding Doors
Armour adds, yet another, design to their list of over 85 different stall door styles. Add some FLASH to your stalls without “custom” cost AND without losing the traditional appearance! Armour is now offering aluminum panels added to any crossbuck style sliding door or hinged Dutch door. These aluminum panels add flare to an otherwise traditional stall door and can be removed if you decide you prefer a less metallic appearance in years to come. Flash-panels can be added to the bottom of any fold-down, lift-out, or gossip style top feature sliding door OR any of Armour’s half or double Dutch doors. All aluminum used is 1/8” and cut precisely to fit into the negative “X” areas. Aluminum flash panels are backed with ≤” plywood and the total door thickness is almost 2”.
All ready have an Armour Crossbuck Door? Want to add some FLASH? No problem, just give us a call and you can add them on to your existing doors!
Armour Sliding Doors always arrive All Aluminum, fully assembled, no rattling pieces, with the best 8’0” round track, heavy duty ball-bearing trolleys, aluminum stops, slide-bolt latch, and heavy-duty adjustable stay-roller.  
Please call 800-876-7706 and discuss stall front, Dutch door, shutter, partition or end door options with one of our knowledgeable product specialists or view our website at  or  for details.  

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