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 From: Armour Companies
Brooke Monroe

Re: Press Release for New Economy Dutch Doors

A conservative way to achieve closing down your barn for the winter and opening it back up, while increasing air mobility, for the spring and summer months. The economy model Dutch door with it’s traditional cross buck, x, design is available in one panel, Dutch, or two panels, double Dutch.  Doors are available in standard 3’11-1/2” widths and heights of 7’ and 8’ and smaller custom sizes are available. The panels can be painted or stained to match your barn decor, and can also be ordered with custom logos, horse silhouettes or your farm/horse name engraved.
These solidly built doors provide an economical means of installing a strong durable Dutch door with a "no frills" approach because the aluminum trim featured on Armour’s standard Dutch doors model CBDD2 has been excluded, therefore reducing your cost. Made of the same materials as its aluminum clad cousin, the doors are offered with two 6" tee hinges, slide-bolt latch and fasteners for installation. All hardware is zinc plated for durability. One piece of aluminum crib trim can be added to the bottom door’s top wood edge for chewing prevention.
Armour manufactures a multitude of sliding and hinged doors with many different top features to appeal to the full spectrum of equine enthusiast. In addition to its door product line, stall fronts, dividers, end doors, shutters and ventilation items are also available. Browse online or view our catalog at  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give one of our product specialists a call and see what Armour can do for your barn! 800-876-7706

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