LOST IN THE FOG: A documentary by John Corey

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LOST IN THE FOG, John Corey's award-winning documentary about an infamous political gadfly and the legendary horse that changed his life. A Doctored Pictures release, runs 81 minutes,

LOST IN THE FOG is a feature documentary that follows Harry Aleo, San Francisco's notorious political commentator, and the "big horse" that took him on the ride of a lifetime. Aleo is infamous in San Francisco's Noe Valley district. In a liberal neighborhood in a liberal city, Aleo stands out as a throwback conservative. At 85, he has owned and operated Twin Peaks Properties for sixty years and made it clear to the pedestrians on 24th St. that he prefers the "good old days" - the times before lattes, cellphones and "liberal loonies". His storefront shrine to conservative heroes like Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon perplexed his Noe Valley neighbors for years but his dusty old real estate office was more than just a place to vent his unpopular political views. It was also the base of his horse racing operation. He's owned horses for 28 years and has enjoyed modest success at local tracks like Golden Gate Fields and the now closed Bay Meadows, but he never got his hands on a "big horse," that elusive champion that all owners and trainers dream about. That is, until now.

As an elderly man, Aleo sensed that time was running out on his chance to get a horse that could compete on racing's biggest stages, so in 2005 he upped the ante. He dug deeper than he ever had before and, as fate would have it, he found the horse of a lifetime. With the given name of Lost in the Fog, this blue collar colt from Florida was seemingly destined to run for an old-school San Franciscan like Aleo. Under the careful watch of Greg Gilchrist, Aleo's longtime trainer, the modestly bred Lost in the Fog blossomed into one of the fastest horses in the world, setting track records around the country and laying waste to America's most regal thoroughbreds. Every major stud farm in Kentucky wanted Lost in the Fog as a stallion but before Aleo could redeem his multi-million dollar lottery ticket, the equine gods intervened and turned this horse racing fairy tale on its head.

John Corey, Director/Producer
LOST IN THE FOG is filmmaker John Corey's first feature. In 2008, it won the Best Documentary Audience Award at CineVegas and was nominated for Best First Feature at the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA). Prior to LOST IN THE FOG, Corey ran Evening Magazine, a long-running nightly program that ran on San Francisco's CBS affiliate. In addition to running the show's day to day operations, Corey also produced and edited many of his own pieces for which he won several Emmy awards.

Frazer Bradshaw, Director of Photography
Working as a director of photography since 1995, Bradshaw has shot features, shorts, commercials, documentaries in just about every format available. Films Bradshaw has photographed have been exhibited at film festivals internationally, including the Cannes Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, and New York Film Festival. His latest film, EVERYTHING STRANGE AND NEW, which he shot and directed, premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

For more information on LOST IN THE FOG and filmmaker John Corey, please refer to the film's website: http://www.lostinthefogthemovie.com 

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