Thrush Off Earns Horse Journal Editor's Choice Seal & Tops Botanical-Ingredient Products in Treatment of Thrush

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Thrush Off Earns Horse Journal Editor's Choice Seal & Tops Botanical-Ingredient Products in Treatment of Thrush


Well-Horse today announced that it received the 2009 Horse Journal Editors' Choice award for Thrush Off - its new product for healthy hooves. The coveted Horse Journal Editors' Choice award recognizes outstanding equine products. After a review of all natural Thrush treatment products, Thrush Off was chosen as the best available botanical choice for quality, performance, and effectiveness in the treatment of severe Thrush.


"If you're determined to avoid chemicals (unless absolutely necessary, of course), Thrush Off is one of the only products in this trial free of chemical ingredients in both their base and active ingredients." explained Horse Journal. Horse Journal further noted "For severe thrush, there's only one choice: Thrush Off. It's the only product free of potential sensitivity problems when used on raw, open tissues, and it's effective".

"We are very excited about this honor from Horse Journal as their Editors' Choice award has become the hallmark of quality and innovation, and its logo is a symbol consumers know and trust," said Coco Fernandez. "This is a huge achievement and we are proud to be recognized for our dedication and commitment to producing the highest quality products."


Thrush Off is highly effective for the treatment of Thrush and kills it on contact. It does not burn sensitive or live tissue such as the coronet band or an open wound. Unlike other products, Thrush Off is natural and non-toxic. In addition, Thrush Off treats injuries and infections to the coronet band, cracked heels, abscesses, quarter cracks, white line and laminitis.

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About Well-Horse

Well-Horse is a young company dedicated to the creation and development of equine organic products. The founder, Coco Fernandez, Master Farrier, operates a successful equine orthopedics farrier service on the Central Coast of California. Well-Horse Antibacterial Resin is the successful flagship product used to regenerate tissue on wounds by promoting the formation of new collagen. Well-Horse also kills fungal and bacterial micro-agents on contact, without burning or irritating the skin. It works well and fast on Scratches, Dew Poisoning, Rain Rot, Ring Worm, Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and more.




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