COZY PRODUCTS are a win-win on the 2 most important HEATER points: COST and SAFETY!

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COZY PRODUCTS are a win-win on the 2 most important HEATER points:  COST and SAFETY!

Companies hate paying large heating bills.  High costs drag down profits. Cozy products use only 90 -150 watts, versus the 1500 watts drawn by a space heater. One Fortune 500 company, with over one million square feet of office space, discovered that over 500 hi-wattage space heaters were in use by individuals in their workspaces.  The heaters were replaced with COZY PRODUCTS' Toasty Toes energy-efficient heated footrests - saving the company over $20,000 a year in electricity, and over 150,000 pounds in greenhouse gases, in just one heating season! 

COZY PRODUCTS all save energy, which WILL save a company thousands of dollars in heating bills alone. When the feet are cold, so is the rest of the body.  Heat promotes productivity and ends complaints at work from shivering staff - in cold climates and in air-conditioned offices. 

Electric space heaters are among the riskiest heating devices.  Traditional space heaters reach extremely high temperatures - which can and DO cause fires and even deaths.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, space heater fires account for:
40% of heating related deaths

30% of injuries associated with heating
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year:
More than 25,000 residential fires every year are associated with the use of space, or room, heaters
More than 300 people die in these fires
More than 6,000 people receive injuries severe enough to require hospital treatment
Cozy products will satisfy your audience on safety, efficiency and cost - and they make excellent gifts for the holidays, too! 
Cozy Legs flat panel low-wattage heater  is perfect for the home or office, gently warming feet and legs.

Toasty Toes ergonomic, energy-saving heated footrests are the perfect replacements for traditional space heaters.  Toasty Toes has a red LED that lights when the unit is operating to remind the user that it is on.  For one large industrial customer, that's what made the sale! Click the image below for a PDF brochure of the Toasty Toes.

Footwarmer insulated heat mat  - simple, thermostatically-controlled heated rubber mat.  Great for workstations, under desks, bare floors, workshops, shipping desks, chilly spots. Available in 2 sizes.

Ice-Away Snow Melt mat  is perfect for protecting against slip-and-fall accidents and workman's compensation claims.  Just place the mat on dry ground (preferably in front of an entryway or a high traffic area), plug it in and watch it work.  It melts the snow and keeps the covered area free of ice.  And it uses only 40-watts per square foot!  That's less than a light bulb.  The mat is perfect for entrances, ramps and handicap-accessible structures, loading docks, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, churches and synagogues and private residences.  A residential condominium located in the Great Lakes region purchased twelve of these mats and placed them in front of each entrance - and in areas unreachable by their snow-blowers.  One winter's experience led to a large repeat sale as they expanded their program. 

 It's a win-win. Let's all go green together! 
For more information, please contact:
Cozy Products Division of Bird-X, Inc. (contact Trunita Robinson or Alison James)
300 North Elizabeth Street
Chicago, IL  60607 USA
Phone: 312-226-2473        Toll Free: 800-662-5021
Fax: 312-226-2480
E-mail: <>    web page:  

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