Training the Whole Horse® Empowers Kids & Teens with Life Skills

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Training the Whole Horse® Empowers Kids & Teens with Life Skills

Missy Wryn’s Training the Whole Horse® methods and techniques are rapidly spreading amongst parents as awareness that working with horses is not just about riding.  “When working with and around horses”, Missy describes “you learn life skills such as healthy boundaries, body and emotional awareness along with presence of mind and focus.  When a child is empowered to move a 1200 lb animal with just a look and a point of their finger the recognition of their ability without force or use of pain is dynamic.” 


Training the Whole Horse® is founded on the principal of invoking the horse’s instinct, without the use of fear or pain.  The Four Core Emotional Concerns that humans and horses share bring awareness to the handler that the horse can make conscious choices without being forced, but through balancing leadership which the horse is genetically wired to require and relationship that both the horse and the handler desire.  Training the Whole Horse® is taught by Missy Wryn at expos and clinics plus her training DVDs and MP3 audio downloads.  Visit  for more information or email or call 503-630-3744.


Missy Wryn is the founder of Training the Whole Horse®, IRON FREE Riding, and HorseMAREship plus inventor of the ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter Bitless Bridle.  Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy has developed a unique approach to training horses and riding Iron Free.  Training the Whole Horse® is the foundation to Missy’s innovative and simpler approach to training your horse using effective communication that your horse will understand, honor and respect while having fun and being safer.  Check Missy’s schedule for appearances and lectures in your area at  or schedule an Intensive for you and your horse by calling 503-630-3744.  


Missy Wryn is also CEO and founder of Natures Balance Care, LLC.  Natures Balance Care is the manufacturer of organic approved (OMRI) flea, fly, tick & insect control plus skin care products for dogs, horses and organic livestock.  Visit

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