Protect Our Environment and Ourselves with SyrVet’s Non-Mercury Thermometer

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Protect Our Environment and Ourselves with SyrVet's Non-Mercury Thermometer


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WAUKEE, Iowa (September 9, 2009) - SyrVet, Inc. now carries a non-mercury thermometer which carries no risk of mercury exposure to customers or the environment if broken or when disposed of.


SryVet's Non-Mercury Thermometer works just like a traditional shake-down, glass, analog thermometer, but is mercury-FREE. As accurate as a mercury thermometer, SyrVet's mercury-free version is non-toxic, with no risk of mercury entering the environment or harming living creatures.


SyrVet's Non-Mercury Thermometer comes with a protective case with a range of 94° to 108°F.


For more information on SyrVet's Non-Mercury Thermometer, please visit or call customer service at 1-800-727-5203.


Established in 1987, SyrVet, Inc. offers more than 3,000 products for animal health care and farm use. Specializing in dairy and beef cattle, swine, sheep, and equine, SyrVet provides quality products at competitive prices.



Media Contact:

Andréa Markowski

Marketing & Communications

SyrVet, Inc.

515.987.5554 x 223


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