New UP-RIGHT® Anti-Cast Safety Strips

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 AAI Safety Products & Equipment has announced their
NEW - UP RIGHT® Anti-Cast Safety StripsTM are reformulated and available
in a Newly Developed Safety Materials.
The Up-Right Strips new materials offer a revolutionary way to protect horses from unnecessary injuries when "CAST" in their stall or enclosure.
Ralph D'Agosta president of AAI said "The New Strips are made with our Newly Proprietary Formulated Material DuroGrab 6000TM.
The Strips are designed to give horse's even more leverage when "CAST" so it can regain its feet, especially without human assistants and when unattended."
Mr. D'Agosta stated "The Up-Right® Strips are like the Seat belts in your car,
you hope your horse is never in a situation to use them, but if they are,
the strips can save your Horse's Life."
He said "The Up-Right® Strips save horses' lives everyday & night around the world from USA, Ireland, Dubai, to Australia."
The latest upgrades in materials enable us to makes the UP RIGHT® Anti-Cast Safety Strips with a new pliable, yet durable material to increase safety and guard against injuries.
For Permanent & Temporary Stall installations, Veterinarian Recommended & Approved
For a Dealer near you call: AAI Safety Products & Equipment
Tel: 1-888-250-5151  or  1-860-868-1838    Dealers  Welcome.
America's Acres Inc.
P.O. Box 2153
New Preston, CT  06777  USA
Tel: 888-250- 5151
Fax: 860-868-2254
Contact: Ralph D'Agosta

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