Hoof Sealant Blocks Pathways of Infection

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Hoof Sealant Blocks  Pathways of Infection

Researchers from SBS Equine Products have developed a product using dental technology that seals out moisture and disease causing fungus and bacteria from entering the hoof wall through nail holes and small cracks. The product is called Farrier's Hoof Sealant.

The secret is that each 5 oz bottle of the clear sealant contain over 2 million tiny microfibers that are suspended in a tough urethane polymer.  According to the SBS researchers, these reinforcing fibers interlock to form a web-like structure that bridge holes and cracks without the need to fill them.  Old nail holes and hairline cracks caused by domestication are the major pathways of infection in the hoof.

The process takes only a few minutes for the resin to harden. A second coat of sealant can be applied over large holes if necessary.  Solvents in the product allow it to be spread easily over the hoof wall before quickly evaporating, leaving behind the dry protective coating.

After field trials comparing the leading hoof sealants The Horse-Journal,  picked SBS's Farrier's Hoof Sealant as" Editors Choice" (March 2010).  They said that product, "lasts much longer than other sealants and does a better job of filling nail holes, cracks and other irregularities in the hoof wall". They also liked it for addressing  problems with chipping and losing shoes.

For more information or Hi-Res images please contact:

Ray Tricca
SBS Equine Products
3888 Mannix Dr., Unit 303
Naples,  FL  34114


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