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Celebration of Thoroughbred's second career: "The Complete Circle" Award and the "Trainer's Pledge" Award proudly hosted by Saratoga Race Course and presented by Racing to the Ring

Friday, July, 9 2010 - Loraine Roe of Racing to the Ring has partnered up with Saratoga Race Course (NYRA) for two special presentations on August 9, 2010. The Complete Circle Award is being offered to a 19 years old Thoroughbred, Lightnin' Cat, the son of notorious, Storm Cat. He was bred by Overbrook Farm. The award will be accepted by his current owner Moira Roberts.  After appearing in the Saratoga Winner Circle on August 4, 1994 for his win, he returns to accept his Complete Circle Award. Lightnin' Cat, bred to be a Triple Crown contender will not go unrecognized for his accomplishments.  He has survived from a serious knee fracture that could have easily ended his life to becoming a very successful show horse.  Lightnin' Cat has been owned are care for by Moira Robert for the past 15 years, they are currently still showing and hunter pacing.

The Trainer's Pledge Award will be presented to Phil Serpe. This award was created to honor his unrelenting standards. His priorities start with the horse's best interest.  Mr. Serpe has secured homes for over 200 horses in his 25 years of professional training.  He only turns his horses over to knowledgeable handler, which insures the horses receive the proper care and training to enable their second career. Mr. Serpe also receives great satisfaction when he follows up on the horse's success.  Racing to the Ring has hopes that all trainers follow his "Trainer's Pledge," the horse's best interest comes first.

On August 9th at 12 o'clock noon, come to Saratoga Race Course and join Racing to the Ring to show your support and appreciation of Thoroughbred's heart and athleticism!

Renee Romeo for Racing to the Ring and Showboat Stables L.L.C., Marketing/Media Contact
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