Pro-Care Products Introduces a New Equine Thrush Treatment PRO-TOX

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                                                                                                                          July 23, 2010

Pro-Care Products Introduces a New Equine Thrush Treatment PRO-TOX

Ocala, FL-Pro-Care Products, the distributor of the successful Pro-Care Plus Hoof Conditioner, has added Pro-Tox to their arsenal of hoof care products.

Ed Magnier, director of sales and marketing for Pro-Care Plus, stated "Pro-Tox is formulated to aid in the treatment of thrush and its foul odor as well as killing White Line disease. We have also been very excited with Pro-Tox's ability to regain healthy hoof growth."

Pro-Tox is water-resistant and does not require bandaging and it aids in keeping the healthy hoof strong. With the discovery of thrush, the hoof must be thoroughly cleaned of all debris and necrotic material before Pro-Tox is applied.

Pro-Care Products now offers horsemen the formulated compound for use in the treatment of thrush in horses and ponies and it is available in an easy to use eight fluid ounce bottle. Pro-Tox can be purchased via the web site or by calling 866-998-4659.

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