Eponaire Hit Air Vest

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Eponaire LLC, is now offering the Hit- Air vest, an innovative safety
vest utilizing air bag technology! With models starting at just $389, the
vest provides a new level of impact protection and safety for equestrians
at an affordable price.

The Hit -Air equestrian vest was developed specifically for equestrian
sports by Mugen Denko, LTD, the world's most experienced
manufacturer of airbag safety apparel. Denko's airbag apparel has
been protecting motorcycle riders for over 15 years, and now new
models designed for equestrians are available.

The safety vest is attached by a lanyard to the saddle. A cartridge of
carbon dioxide inflates the vest in one-quarter of a second when a
rider is thrown from a horse, providing instant cushioned protection for
the neck, spine, chest and tail bone. The vest can be reused after the
CO2 cartridge is replaced. When not deployed, the halter style vests
are thin, light weight, (approx. 22 ounces) cool, and comfortable.

"Life threatening and career ending injuries to exercise riders and
jockeys are far too commonplace, " says Krista Towns, founder of
Eponaire, "these vests provide neck and tail bone protection not
available in standard safety vests, and we are proud to be able to
introduce them to the Thoroughbred racing community."

Please call Eponaire, LLC, or visit their website for more information
or to place an order.

Eponaire, LLC

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