Cargill's Nutrena® Brand Launches Four New Equine Feeds

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Cargill's Nutrena® Brand Launches Four New Equine Feeds

New and improved formulations feature the latest nutritional science

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Cargill today announced its Nutrena® brand is launching four new equine feeds.  Available now, the improved product lineup includes a reformulated Life Design® Senior, a new midline price-point Triumph® Senior formula, and two supplements under the Empower® brand.

Life Design® Senior has an enhanced amino acid profile to more efficiently utilize nutrients for improved coat, hoof quality and muscle mass. There is also a higher, 6 percent fat content for increased energy, and more vitamin E for antioxidant benefits.

New Triumph® Senior is a mid-line senior feed that will provide an option to price-sensitive consumers who still want a feed formulated especially for senior horses. Fortified Triumph® Senior has guaranteed lysine to support muscle maintenance, and added vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrition.

"Our new senior formulas deliver optimum health and nutrition to horses in later life stages," said Jackie Rieck, marketing manager. "The enhanced nutrition profiles in the new formulas make these feeds a better-than-ever value for consumers."

The Nutrena® brand is also re-launching its Empower®  brand supplements.  The new Empower® Boost is a rice bran supplement with 22 percent fat to provide calories and to support performance and endurance. Also new is Empower® Balance, a vitamin and mineral nutrition supplement for forage diet horses. It has high-quality protein with guaranteed amino acid levels to support muscle maintenance, and organic trace minerals for increased immune system support. Both Empower® Boost and Empower® Balance include probiotics and probiotics to aid in nutrient absorption.

Log onto to find a Nutrena® brand retailer near you and learn more about Cargill's complete line of equine feeds and supplements.

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