Introducing Nurtured Pets® Anti-Lick Strip Equine™

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Introducing Nurtured Pets® Anti-Lick Strip EquineTM

A new, natural way to prevent horses from licking, biting and chewing

New Philadelphia, Ohio (November 4, 2010) For those who've tried everything to stop their horse from bothering sores, skin irritations, sutures or insect bites, help is on the way. That's because Nurtured Pets has recently created Anti-Lick Strip Equine.

Anti-Lick Strip Equine adhesive bandages are made with an exclusive, natural cayenne pepper blend that is proven to deter horses from repeatedly nibbling affected areas or chewing protective wraps. They also help alleviate problems stemming from anxiety, boredom or other behavioral issues. By preventing horses from bothering these "problem spots," they'll have a chance to properly heal.

To use these innovative bandages, simply peel off the backing, and place
it over a gauze pad or vet wrap. Anti-Lick Strip Equine has a medical grade adhesive so it should never be applied directly to the horse's skin.

"Our new equine bandages were designed to answer a number of needs, from keeping liniment on a strain to bite-proofing bee stings to protecting surgical sites," explains Cindy Miller, Nurtured Pets' Director of Marketing. "We expect to experience an immediate surge of demand from horse owners and retailers alike."

Like all Anti-Lick Strip products, Anti-Lick Strip Equine is manufactured in the United States. For more information, call
877-PETS-771 or visit

About Anti-Lick Strip Prevent®
Anti-Lick Strip Prevent pet bandages are made with an exclusive blend of natural ingredients - including cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano - that safely and effectively discourage pets from bothering skin irritations so they have a chance to heal. In addition to deterring pets from licking, biting and chewing minor wounds, cuts and abrasions, Anti-Lick Strip Prevent bandages are also ideal for helping alleviate skin irritations stemming from separation anxiety, boredom or other behavioral issues. Anti-Lick Strip pet bandages are constructed with a peel-and-stick, medical-grade adhesive that lasts up to five days.

About Nurtured Pets®
Nurtured Pets is dedicated to providing products that create a healthy lifestyle for pets. The company
has introduced the first product of its kind to deter licking, biting and chewing. Clinically proven and formulated with all-natural ingredients, products include Anti-Lick Strip Prevent®, sold in retail stores, and Anti-Lick Strip Pro® and Anti-Lick Strip Pro C® both sold exclusively to veterinarians. The Anti-Lick Strip Prevent was recently recognized as one of the "Best Products of 2010" by Fido Friendly. Nurtured Pets, a Lauren International, Inc., company, is an Ohio-based manufacturer. For more information, visit our website at or contact Tony Piconke at 877-PETS-771 ext. 7309, 330-308-7309 or Visit our parent company at

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