MinXray Launches New Website

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MinXray Launches New Website
Northbrook, Illinois - November 3, 2010 - MinXray, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the company's newly redesigned and expanded website.
This new website features an easy to navigate format with enhanced coverage of MinXray's digital, medical, veterinary, military, podiatry and dental product lines. The website offers informative reference tables for quick comparisons within each product line and also product recommendations tailored for specific markets.

MinXray x-ray units offer full-wave rectified high frequency electronic platforms and the highest power-to-weight ratios available today. When paired with digital image capture capabilities the system becomes a completely self contained imaging center. MinXray film and digital systems are widely used in remote locations, disaster response and forensics applications.

The new website also highlights the CMDR-2S, MinXray's latest introduction to the digital imaging market.  Designed for exceptional performance in the extreme conditions required by the armed forces, disaster relief or the mobile imaging market, the CMDR-2S offers state of the art, superior digital radiographic imaging capabilities in a completely portable system.

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MinXray, Inc. is an independent corporation founded in 1967 that is dedicated to providing compact, portable x-ray equipment where larger units would be impractical or too costly to use.  Currently supplying the medical, veterinary, podiatric, dental and digital imaging markets MinXray transportable x-ray systems represent the cutting edge in advanced electronic design. MinXray is also the major supplier of portable x-ray and digital CR systems to the US Armed Forces. MinXray is committed and will continue to bring the highest quality, most compact imaging systems along with the latest technology to the marketplace.

CONTACT: Joel Koplos
MinXray, Inc.
3611 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 847.564.0323
E-mail: jkoplos@minxray.com


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