The British Racing School Launches a New Equine Teaching and Learning Resource

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The British Racing School Launches a New Equine Teaching and Learning Resource

The British Racing School, centre of excellence for training in the racing industry, has developed a new equine teaching and learning resource outlining the essentials of horse care. The DVD, originally developed for use by apprenticeship students at the British Racing School, has a strong emphasis on the safety of both horse and handler and uses the experience and expertise of the BRS to create a guide of wide appeal that applies to all equine disciplines. It would be perfect as a Christmas gift for any young horse enthusiast and even has the thumbs up from Yogi Breisner:

"Having had the pleasure of watching the British Racing School's Horse Care - An Introduction DVD I realise that this is a must for all horse lovers and equestrian participants. The easy access and simplicity of the system makes it enjoyable and allows you to gain masses of knowledge and information in a very short time. It is the most ingenious, well thought out and imaginative thing I have seen in a long time"

Set in the context of racing but illustrating good practice for anyone involved in horse care, the DVD covers the following topics: feeding and watering horses, fitting tack, care of horses after exercise, horse health, lungeing, and horses at grass. It includes interactive quizzes and tests designed to encourage understanding of the topics covered and is available now direct from the British Racing School at

"The DVD is an excellent learning tool, encompassing material that is manageable and memorable in an engaging format. It is very professionally produced with a very contemporary and accessible feel" - Holly Embleton-Smith (18 year old British Racing School student)

"Good, helpful and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my use of the DVD" - Michael Keady (18 year old British Racing School student)


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