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First Probiotic Oatmeal And Ginger Cookie Treats

(Lexington, Kentucky) December 20, 2010 - Digestive health for horses is now made easy through SportForce's new ProEntera Digestive Horse Treats. The first of its kind, the ProEntera line of products is the only probiotic that provides high levels of equine specific bacteria. The oatmeal and ginger cookies are individually wrapped for extended shelf life and are recommended for daily use to support a healthy digestive system. In addition, ProEntera Probiotic Gel in a 15cc syringe was recently introduced at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Conference in Baltimore, Maryland with great success.

"I developed ProEntera products using equine-cultured bacteria that have significantly more active bacteria per dose than other products. It is gratifying to stand behind a product that effectively eliminates symptoms of diarrhea, colitis and stress-related digestive irregularities", said Bill Bernard, DVM.

ProEntera's Horse Treats and 15cc Gel will be available in January. The ProEntera 30 day individual serving packets are available now. Each dose is individually sealed for extended shelf life to ensure the quality of the product. Using all the ProEntera products on a daily basis is recommended for all classes of horses.

"We take pride in introducing innovative products into the equine market that are not only highly effective but improve the quality of life for all horses," said Chief Operating Officer, Stan Yaro. "We will continue to work with Dr. Bernard and other recognized veterinarians and nutritionists to develop products that the consumer can depend upon".

About SportForce, LLC

In 2008, the management team of Hallway Feeds, an internationally recognized manufacturer of premium feed and nutritional products formed SportForceTM LLC as a leading animal health company.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, SportForce offers a line of high quality equine products substantiated by research, supported by clinical studies and specially formulated formulas for all breeds and disciplines of horses. Dr. William Bernard DVM, a recognized equine veterinarian for his work in Internal Medicine and Dr. Rensia Moller, a specialist in growth and metabolic disorders are responsible for developing and formulating the supplements manufactured by SportForce LLC. 

SportForce features products in seven categories: Antioxidants, Bone and Joint Mangement, Digestive Management, Electrolytes, Hoof Health, Metabolic and Behavioral Support, Omega Fatty Acids to meet the targeted needs of all horses. Ongoing areas of research will lead to the continued growth of the SportForce portfolio of products.

Contact: Natalie Engle
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