Herbsmith Inc. is proud to introduce their amazing formulas in a new, easy-to-administer option!

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Herbsmith Inc. is proud to introduce their amazing formulas in a new, easy-to-administer option!  They've combined their same reliable solutions with the many well-known benefits of flax!

  • Improve the appearance of the horse's coat
  • Contains Omega 3's that support the health of joints, the cardiovascular system, and the skin/coat
  • Great taste for ease of administration of powdered supplements
Flax Plus is available in all seven Herbsmith formulas!

-    Serenity - provides the natural calming solution for the easily frustrated, difficult to control, spooky or anxious horse.

-    Acute Trauma - manages discomfort resulting from normal, everyday activity while taking into account your horse's sensitive GI tract.

-    Impulsion - offers joint support for the horse with an even temperament.

-    Impulsion with Composure - offers joint support and calming for the vulnerable, excitable horse.

-    Impulsion with Vitality - provides joint support while increasing vitality.

-    Athlete - supports the athletic nature of the horse and manages fatigue in the equine athlete.

-    Energy - maintains the horse's natural vitality and re-energizes the spirit.

Available at www.holisticanimalsupply.com and at fine tack shops nationwide.  Visit Herbsmith's website for locations: www.herbsmithinc.com

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Herbsmith Inc.
455 East Industrial Drive
Hartland, WI 53029
(800) 624-6429
Herbsmith offers herbal blends for horses that address anxious behavior, discomfort, joint support and more!  
Many fabulous canine formulas and products are also available!


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