New Memory Horseshoe Pendant Holds Cremains

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BRIDGEVILLE, PA: Puppy Paws Inc. - paw-shaped jewelry for people who love animals - is pleased to introduce the Memory Horseshoe pendant.
Designed to hold a small amount of cremains of a beloved horse, the Memory Horseshoe pendant, was created after requests from both individuals and cremation boutiques. They had seen or sell the original Puppy Paws® Memory PawTM pendant and wanted something that could celebrate the memory of their horses.
"The original Memory PawTM was designed to hold a small amount of cremains of a beloved dog or cat. That design led us to the creation of Memory Lockets that can hold a photo as well as cremains, a lock of hair or even a puppy's tooth." explained Pamela Meltzer, president and jewelry designer for Puppy Paws Inc. "so creating a Memory Horseshoe pendant was a natural addition to our Memory Jewelry."
The Memory Horseshoe pendant measures about 9/16" x 5/8" x 3/32" that can hold a small bit of cremains. The cremains are sealed in place with clear resin enamel. Only one Memory Horseshoe can be created by Puppy Paws® at a time to insure that absolutely no cremains are mixed up or misplaced. Any cremains not sealed in the pendant are returned to the owner for safe keeping. The back of the pendant is flat for engraving which is done at no cost.
The Memory PawTM pendant measures approximately 5/8" x 5/8" x 3/16" (close to the size of a penny in circumference) that can hold a small bit of cremains.
The Puppy Paw® Memory Horseshoes and Memory PawTM pendants are available in sterling silver and 14k gold. They retail for $129.99 in sterling silver and $329.99 in 14k white or yellow gold. The retail price includes a simple 18" chain but can also be worn on a bracelet, as a pin or even as cufflinks.
Puppy Paws, Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based designer of jewelry for animal lovers. Puppy Paws® are paw-shaped jewelry that features a simple paw in 14k or sterling silver. They are often accented with gemstones or crystals that represent the dog or cat's birth month. For rescue pets the actual birth date is not necessary because Puppy Paws believes that rescue pets are ‘re-born' once they go home with their forever family. The month they go home offers them entirely new life thus a new ‘birth month.'
Puppy Paws® Memory Lockets and Pendants are available online at, and in select jewelry stores and pet boutiques throughout the United States, Canada, UK and the UAE.
Pamela Meltzer
Puppy Paws Inc.
314 Pine Valley Dr
Bridgeville PA 15017-3433

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