Patrol Films of Races Embedded in E-Book "Stalking the Pace"

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Patrol Films of Races Embedded in E-Book "Stalking the Pace"
More than a book, "Stalking the Pace" is an ebook enhanced with video. Read the true story of trainer, Jay C. Nehf and his filly, Sumatra's racing experiences and watch the actual patrol films used by the Racing Stewards at Emerald Downs to police the races.
Lame-brained schemes and losing horses, bankruptcy and busted limbs, showdowns with flat-nosed thugs and one perpetually stressed out spouse turn a dedicated horseman, Jay C. Nehf, away from racing for fifteen years. Marriage over, kids grown, he looks again for the passion he lost. When Sumatra walks out of the Seattle mist and into the sales ring, he sees his chance and takes it.

Available now at iBooks with embedded video for iPad, iPod and iPhone, or at Barnes & Noble and Amazon for e-readers that don't support video. The video can be seen at <>

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