Equipro Introduces High-Quality Knee Wraps to replace the Spider Bandage

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Beth Byrne, Owner
Phone: 562-396-6684 <tel:562-396-6684>
Site: www.equipro.com

Equipro Introduces High-Quality Knee Wraps to replace the Spider Bandage

LONG BEACH, CA - Constructed of high density neoprene overlay with unique neo-suede, Equipro  has released a new line of knee wraps that maximizes comfort with performance.

Designed to replace the spider bandage, the knee wrap prevents formation of sores and maximizes movement that allows the horse to lie down comfortably.

"My horses are able to lie down comfortably throughout the night while wearing these knee wraps," said Mike Marlow, trainer at California's Santa Anita Racetrack. "I've tried many different types of wraps and bandages to take the place of the spider bandage and this wrap works the best of any of them."

Equipro knee wraps are sold as a pair to be used with one pair of no bow bandages which are not included. Holes are strategically placed in the no-bow bandages so that when applied provide an open area behind the knee, thus eliminating the possibility of sores developing, and also helps the knee wrap to easily stay in place.

Along with the knee wrap, Equipro also offers leg wraps, bell boots, ice boots, scalping boots, bedsore boots and standing bandages.

For more information regarding any of the products or Equipro visit our website at www.equipro.com  or contact Beth Byrne at 562-396-6684 <tel:562-396-6684>

Cost 49.00 a pair.



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