Natural Cell Structures for the Optimisation of digestion and Reduction of Water in the Droppings

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Natural Cell Structures for the Optimisation of digestion and Reduction of Water in the Droppings

Horses, with their very sensitive digestive system, react, from time to time, to the smallest of changes or disharmonies (such as change in the weather or feed, stress etc.) with water in the droppings or even diarrhoea.

Long-term, a decisive factor with many horses for such changes in the consistency of the droppings is the unphysiologically early harvesting of forage and a general deficiency of raw fibre in the diet. Also contaminated forage (mouldy hay or silage) is jointly responsible for disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract.

ARBOCEL®ACG is a high pure, mycotoxin-free raw fibre concentrate  based on lignocellulose. In the production process a special extraction procedure is applied which includes fibrillation. By means of this special processing very long and thin fibres with strong capillary effects are generated. In the digestive tract, these insoluble fibres form a fibre network that stimulates the intestinal villi and improves water resorption in the large intestine.

ARBOCEL®ACG supports the natural intestinal functions in the horse. The fine fibres form a network structure within the intestine thus loosening the digesta and improving its penetration by enzymes and micro-organisms. ARBOCEL®ACG stimulates the growth of the intestinal villi and increases the intestinal activity.

Especially in horses suffering from diarrhoea, ARBOCEL®ACG improves the consistency of the faeces by thickening the digesta and supporting the intestinal peristalsis, and at the same time, prevents dehydration of the horse. The balance of the large intestine is stabilised.

The insoluble raw fibres provide for highest nutrient availability: In contrast to soluble fibres they do not bind nutrients and thus do not impair absorption of the highly digestible nutrients in feed.

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