VETiONX® Releases New Arthro-IonXTM Natural Medicine for Equine Arthritis and Joint Pain

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VETiONX features a variety of safe and effective pet health care products for all pets and animals, including dogs, cats, horses, birds and reptiles.  The company has been manufacturing and selling OTC pet health products since 2005.  Its headquarters are located at 4460 - 44th St. SW, Ste. C 600, Grand Rapids, MI, 49512.

The company publicized the release of their popular Arthro-IonX natural medicine in a formula designed for horses.  Equine pet owners can look to this unique formula to help relieve pain and distress from conditions related to arthritis, bursitis and other musculoskeletal conditions common to aging or injury.  

Arthro-IonX safely relieves joint pain and inflammation and supports a return to mobility, flexibility, energy and good health for companion horses, without negative side effects.
At VETiONX, we believe in helping pets restore healthy balance naturally. By providing valuable veterinarian health coaching and unique homeopathic/oligotherapeutic solutions, our products help pets around the world naturally lead long, healthy lives. Interested consumers can visit the VETiONX website at:

If you'd like more information about our sister company, HelloLife or our products, visit the website at  For additional questions, please contact Jennie Mac Anaspie at 616.808.3290 x1028 or via email at jmacanaspie at hellolife dot net.

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