BODY BUILDER: You want what works, is proven over time, is the best and most economical.

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BODY BUILDER: You want what works, is proven over time, is the best and most economical.
Body Builder is a natural alternative supplement to anabolic steroids. It has been the most successful over 20 years. It takes half gallon of high grade ( pharmaceutical ) quality rice bran oil extract to create 1 daily dosage.

It has and is being used for prepping yearling and weanlings. For the past decades most of your top selling sales horses have been raised and prepped on Body Builder. Taylor Made has referred a lot of clients to us. Successful consignors and farms, are Vinery, Lane's End, Diamond, Brandywine, Trackside, Judy Hicks, Pologreen, list goes on and on.
More than half of your 7 digit yearlings in the past 3 years have been prepped on BB. ( also your top 2 year olds i/t)
The difference is the unique blend and preparation and the very high quality extract. Which cost us over 3 X the amount of others.Proper absorption is the key. Without that, the amount of extract makes no difference.

  • Natural Dietary Supplement
  • Specially Formulated Liquid Concentrate
  • Enhanced and Effective Absorption
You want what works, what is proven over time, and is the best.
We are the first and still the best.

One bottle, one horse 2 months. Start now!

For more information, contact Equiade Inc.; telephone: (800) 413-3702; e-mail:; website: To receive a 10% discount, use promotional code FP2011.


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