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Who Knew Being Bad Could Feel So Good?

BOCA RATON, FL - (May 23, 2011) As the newest addition in Oster®'s Equine Care SeriesTM, the OutlawTM clipper  is quickly revolutionizing what equine groomers can expect from their tools.  After extensive research and listening to the needs of professional equine grooming partners nationwide, Jarden Animal Solutions is proud to launch the Outlaw with an innovative new design and the high-level performance that you've come to expect from Oster®. Designed to handle everything from general purpose grooming to precision clipping, this smooth, quiet, reliable toolkeeps its cool and delivers high-quality performance for all coat types every time.

Offering precision, comfort and performance, the Outlaw features professional-quality blades, a heavy-duty design, 2 speeds, and Whisper QuietTM motor technology.  For added convenience, the Outlaw is also compatible with the A5® Cryogen-XTM and Elite Cryogen-XTM blades, as well as the wider Take Down QuickTM wide blade series.

The new Outlaw features:

  • a two-speed, heavy-duty rotary motor: 2,900 SPM to 3,300 SPM
  • a cooler running housing and motor design, resulting in the less-often need for a blade change
  • a lighter-weight housing greatly reduces hand and wrist fatigue
  • replaceable carbon brushes, extending the product's life and allowing you to use the same clipper for years to come
  • Whisper QuietTM motor technology, keeping your pet/equine calm during the grooming process
  • no air vents that blow hair around during your session
  • soft carrying case
  • mane and tail comb
  • instructional DVD
"Extending the complete line of professional clippers and trimmers for both the serious and casual groomer, we are thrilled to launch the Oster® OutlawTM clipper to the Equine community," comments Product Manager of Oster Professional Products Travis Brown.  "The Outlaw is extremely powerful and lightweight, with the ability to use all of the A5® Detachable blades that you know, trust and love to use.  We are confident that this next-generation tool provides equine groomers the ability to easily cut through any coat type with precision, varying speeds and comfort.  The new collection also features a soft-sided carrying case, instructional DVD, hoof picks and Mane & Tail combs."
Featuring two-speeds, the Outlaw clipper's high speed can be used to easily cut through heavier, matted coats, and the lower speed is ideal for gently cutting and trimming around sensitive areas like face, eyes and ears.
  • Company Name: Oster® ProfessionalTM Products, a division of Jarden Animal Solutions
  • Product Name: Oster® OUTLAWTM Clipper
  • Launch Date: April 2011

· Phone Number: 1-800-830-3678 <tel:1-800-830-3678>  

· Contact: Travis Brown, Product Manager of Oster Professional Products - 561.912.4807 <tel:561.912.4807>  /

• Media/PR Contact Name: Erin Terjesen 602.625.2871 <tel:602.625.2871>  / 

For more information on Oster Professional Products, and how it leads the pet grooming industry in several categories based on quality, innovation and a commitment to excellence, please call 1-800-830-3678 <tel:1-800-830-3678>  or visit



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