ADEPTUS® NUTRITION offers two new super supplements for pets

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ADEPTUS® NUTRITION offers two new super supplements for pets... Nimble Mega Nutrient®, a - 5 supplements in one formula that fills in the gaps in dog foods.  Extraordinary joint support with Glucosamine HCl, digestible HA (hyaluronic acid), chondroitin & cetyl myrsitoleate, soft tissue and skin support with collagen, biotin, methionine/lysine, plus organic copper and zinc, shines the coat with omega-3 fatty acids plus DHA, antioxidants vitamin E and C, plus prebiotic digestive aids.

The second new product is the ultimate skin & coat supplement Gleam Supreme®.  It contains potent levels of omega-3 fatty acids, methionine/lysine, organic zinc & copper, plus biotin & vitamin E.        

Adeptus® Nutrition, Inc. offers a complete line of quality, scientifically formulated nutritional supplements for horses, pets, and humans at very reasonable prices....  QUALITY WITH VALUE!  Their advanced, effective products are all formulated by a PhD. nutritionist, using pharmaceutical grade ingredients made in the USA, and are manufactured under strict quality control (ISO 9001 & GMP certified manufacturing). 

The full offering for horses includes Nimble® (three exclusive formulas for nutritional joint support), Gleam & Gain® (two coat & calorie fatty acid supplements), Augment® (complete multi-vitamin/mineral supplement), Augment Hoof® (advanced hoof nutrients), Invigor® (prebiotic digestive and stress supplement), Persevere® (advanced electrolyte replacement supplement), Allay® (natural antacid and calming supplement), and Robust® (muscle and performance enhancer).

In addition to nutritional products, Adeptus also offers the unique and new Wound & Skin Spray for horses too.  This unique product contains Chitosan to both cleanse and heal skin abrasions and fungus as well.  

The original pet products (Nimble®, Nimble® Supreme, Gleam®, and Invigor®) are available in tasty chewable tablets. 

Human products available from Adeptus include: Nimble®, Nimble Supreme®, Augment® Mega-multi, and Augment® Skin (wrinkle prevention for equestrians).

For more information call 1-866-ADEPTUS (1-866-233-7887) or go to

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