The maker's of BODY BUILDER have come out with an incredible new product!

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AIR BLAST is a natural supplement for general health and an aid for a healthy respiratory system.

Breathing easier helps maintain optimum performance. The benefits of breathing easier are important for horses competing at all levels of fitness and skill, as exercise is often a greater challenge for the less-fit animal. The equine respiratory system can be a major cause of poor performance or premature retirement from competition.

Also, It is important to provide immune support to horses of less than 5 years of age, groups of weanling foals or yearlings for equine respiratory health. Young horses do not have fully developed immune systems and are at greater risk for a condition that they may contract from older horses. Horses are susceptible to a number of respiratory problems. Some are caused by infectious organisms, but many are due to allergic conditions.

AIR BLAST promotes equine respiratory health and healing from injury or illness.

"I have been a trainer for over 40 years. I recently tried a new product, which I very rarely do. The only reason I did is that I trust the people who make it, as I have been using their Body Builder for the last 7 years. I used their Air Blast product with a couple of horses that are good, try all the time, but come up short.

Bottom line: 4 starts, 3 wins, 1 second. I noticed they finished much better and when they came back to the paddock you couldn't blow out a candle from their breath!! They obviously were able to breath much much better, therefore the results!!"

P. Palmer
Equiade Inc. Toll Free : 1-800-413-3702

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