Spalding Labs Offering Free "Guide To Fly Control" Booklet

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Spalding Labs Offering Free "Guide To Fly Control,"  Booklet To Animal Owners Seeking Pesticide Free Solutions.

Due To Increasing Concerns About The Impact Of Toxic Pesticides, Spalding Labs Is Offering A Free, 32 Page Guide, Which Explains How To Organically Eliminate Flies, Easily.

This year, don't let your warm weather plans be upset by flies. Spalding Labs has created a simple, easy to follow system that's been proven highly effective in keeping flies to a minimum, without negatively impacting the environment! Consumers using the program report dramatic improvements in lifestyle for their family, visitors, pets and livestock. Many stated that using Spalding Labs unique fly prevention methods have allowed them to enjoy virtually fly free environments without having to resort to using fly sprays or other toxic fly control methods.

Spalding Labs' 4-step plan first stresses the importance of correctly identifying the species of fly, using their free "Guide To Fly Control." This allows animal owners to select the right fly fighting products, saving time and money. When it comes to getting rid of flies, many fly fighting products are used incorrectly, meaning unnecessary expense as well as ongoing pest problems.


Second, is Spalding Labs' emphasis on preventing fly reproduction, using their uniquely effective, Fly Predators®. What are Fly Predators? They're a combination of beneficial insects that stop flies naturally. So, you can throw away your toxic pesticides. According to John M. of Dunkirk, Maryland, "This is our 3rd season using the Fly Predators and each year has been better than the previous one. The current season is virtually fly free. I'm so pleased."

Third, while preventing fly reproduction is critical, discouraging "visitor flies," (Insects that visit from a nearby neighbor or facility.) is just as important. Selecting the right mix of fly trap products from Spalding Labs' comprehensive assortment of "Odor Lure," "Sticky" and "Biting Stable Fly Traps," helps eliminate the majority of adult flies. But, don't just take their word for it. A USDA sponsored study, published in the June 2009 Journal of Vector Ecology, compared the effectiveness of nine popular Odor Lure Traps. Spalding Labs' Starbar Brand Terminator Pro Odor Lure fly trap captured 13,323 flies during the study, whereas, the next most effective brand captured only 2,166! Many of the remaining brands tested captured as few as 300 flies or less.


If Biting Stable Flies are a problem, consider the Bite FreeTM Stable Fly Trap, also available from Spalding Labs. A USDA sponsored study, published in the Journal of Economic Entomology, reported the Bite FreeTM Stable Fly Trap caught between 2 and 3 times as many flies as the two "next best," Biting Stable Fly Trap products. To learn more about Spalding Labs extensive selection of fly trap products, click fly traps.


Finally, it's helpful that you not allow your barn to be a fly magnet. You can stop attracting flies from neighbors through serious odor removal and control. Spalding Labs' Bye-Bye Odor destroys most unpleasant scents, at their source. This helps your facility smell far more fresh and clean. And that means flies will be more likely to seek their next meal and/or breeding ground, elsewhere. It's so effective in fact, it was awarded Horse Journal's 2010, Best Buy Award.


Best of all, Spalding Labs offers free, one-on-one consultations, meaning you can speak with a highly knowledgeable Spalding Labs representative. You'll get a personalized, 4-step plan, targeting your location and specifically designed for your needs. Customer service is available, 8 AM to 4 PM, PST, Monday through Friday at: 1-888-562-5696. Or, learn more at: And, if you're also concerned about mosquito control, be sure to ask your Spalding Labs representative for help and advice on eliminating this year's potentially dangerous mosquito outbreaks.

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