Hall of Famer Gary Stevens and Actistatin- Leaving Retirement Behind to Win 2013 Preakness! Healthy Joints Win Races!

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Hall of Famer Gary Stevens and Actistatin- Leaving Retirement Behind to Win 2013 Preakness!  Healthy Joints Win Races! 


Paris, KY, May 21, 2013- Formerly retired Hall of Famer jockey Gary Stevens is at the head of the pack after 7 long years in retirement brought on by degenerative arthritis.  After contending with irreparable damage in his knees, numerous surgeries and bone on bone contact and intense pain, retirement was considered the only remaining option.  With the help of GLC Direct's NEW human Actistatin supplement, he is back in top form!    


Gary Stevens has been using the Actistatin Human for 16 months and is continuing to experience ever-improving mobility, flexibility, and pain free days.  Over the last 13 years, the fine quality products offered by GLC Direct have helped improve Gary Stevens's quality of life.  In his own words, "The people at GLC Direct have brought my life back, my career back, I am smiling again and it wouldn't be possible without GLC Direct.  GLC Direct has helped me live my dream again."  


Actistatin is an innovative joint supplement that combines the technologically advanced, all-natural releasing agent that increases delivery and absorption of all four forms of Glucosamine to repair and rebuild cartilage and soft tissue while supporting bone health.  It is clinically proven to increase HA production, quality, and viscosity while actively fighting the free radicals and inflammation that hinder optimal performance, and is available for companion animals and equines as well.    


To learn more, call 866-587-7333 or visit www.Actistatin.com.


About GLC Direct, LLC.

GLC Direct is a privately owned equine, companion animal and human supplement manufacturer based in Paris, KY.  Founded in 1999, with 6 national and international patents dedicated to the improvement of overall health and joint function, GLC Direct is the leader in innovation with cutting edge patented drug delivery methods for improved results.  GLC Direct is focused on developing and promoting researched and clinically-proven products.   GLC Direct LLC is committed to the highest quality as an FDA audited company and as good standing member of NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) and NPA (Natural Products Association) offers over-the-counter and veterinary exclusive products distributed nationally and internationally.



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