Revolutionary Award Winning Bit, Has Proven to Stop Displacement

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Revolutionary award winning bit, has proven to stop displacement.

Jockey Mike Smith states "The bit of the future"
Divine Products, Distributors of the unique and award winning products developed by Intelligent Inventions, are proud to be introducing the Winning Tongue Plate. The only bit in the world to win a prestigious Australian and international design award. This unique and revolutionary design reduces bit pressure by about 85% with no pinching. Furthermore, the extended plate is the only bit in the world proven to stop displacement of the soft palate and correct breathing issues, which can make the difference between winning and losing an event. Extensive research and development, has produced this new and improved 2013 design, which has proven outstanding results in the racing and equestrian industry. Hall of Fame Jockey, Mike Smith says it’s, “The Bit of the Future.”

 The patented WTP encased joint design prevents the arms folding down, preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars. The 6.5 square cm low profile center plate creates a softer surface area, reducing the bit pressure by about 85% and solves pinching. The WTP center flat plate is up to 14mm lower than other bit joints, allowing more room between the tongue and the roof of the mouth, preventing roof rubbing and mouthing issues. Additionally, the WTP bit arms have limited travel to reduce outer ring pressure to the cheeks and lips when working a horse in a straight line. The only time cheek pressure is required is when turning your horse.
This revolutionary design of the extended plate prevents the horse from pushing the plate upwards and sideways, therefore keeping the tongue in the correct forward position and stopping displacement. The best test to demonstrate how it stops displacement is by laying two fingers flat on your tongue. The result, you can’t bulge your tongue back. This is the same result for the horse.
Iconic trainer Henry Moreno, “After 63 years, I have changed to these bits; they are the best bits I’ve ever put on a horse. Revolutionary; no more tongue ties and the horses and riders love them.”  Doug O’Neil, “It is a huge breakthrough for USA racing.” Joe Talamo "Tell all my trainers and owners, it's the only bit I want to race with. It makes a huge difference!"
To learn more call, 909-989-8323 or visit
About Intelligent Inventions.
Intelligent Inventions, founded by former horse jockey and now multi award winning inventor Adrian Morgante. Intelligent Inventions are the winners of 10 prestigious international awards, including 3 health and safety awards, gold medals and the best invention 5 years running. Intelligent Inventions is proud to have won the 2013 health and safety award with their medical breakthrough Intelligent Ice. Intelligent Inventions is committed and focused on developing products that improve the quality of life for humans and animals.

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