The Passing of a Legend

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The Passing of a Legend

MT. PLEASANT, TX - Goliath, the 2005 Guinness Book of World Record holder for Tallest Living Horse, passed away peacefully  July 3, 2014 on the Priefert Ranch in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.   Goliath was an awe striking black Percheron gelding who stood 19.1 hands high and weighed over 2500lbs. He was superstar and legend in his own right.

Bill Priefert purchased Goliath, along with five other Percherons, that made up Priefert's "Texas Thunder" Hitch. Goliath and the team traveled 40,000- 60,000 miles a year, exhibiting at over 100 rodeos, parades, fairs, and equine events each year.  After becoming a Gunniess World Record title holder, Goliath traveled solo, making countless stops at Priefert Dealers  and Priefert-sponsored events across the country.

Goliath will no doubt be remembered by countless admirers and equine enthusiasts who experienced the thrill of meeting him.  For those who knew him best and had the privilege of working with him, he will hold a special place in their hearts always.  Owner Bill Priefert notes that "Goliath will be missed by our family and our company.  It was a privilege to have owned such an amazing animal.  Goliath will remain on the Priefert Ranch and he will be honored with a special memorial so that he may be remembered for generations to come."

Jeff Rash, Priefert's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, oversaw Goliath's scheduling and promotion. He commented that "Horses have always been a symbol of freedom, power, beauty and grace.  Goliath embodied all of those characteristics in a ‘larger than life' way.  He was more than a gentle giant, more than a world record holder and certainly more than just a horse.  His heart was kind, humble and pure and it showed in his unique and wonderful disposition.  Goliath was not only a member of the Priefert family but a big part of the fabric of America.  It was a pleasure to share him with the rest of the world.  I'm sure I'll always smile as I drive past his grave on Priefert Ranch and think ‘I once rode the world's tallest horse'." 

Jason and Rose Goodman, operators of the Priefert Texas Thunder Hitch, traveled with Goliath as part of their team for many years. The Goodman's not only helped train Goliath, but also reflected that "Goliath served Priefert Manufacturing as a very noble horse for many years."  Charles Woods, and wife Guilda who traveled with Goliath on his solo tour had this to say about him, "As we say our goodbyes to Goliath we want to pause to reflect back on his life.  A ‘Southern Gentleman' in the world of horses.  He had a character all his own.  He was a crowd pleaser and a flirt with the people. Women looked at him as tall dark and handsome, men looked at him as a big work horse.  He did his share of work for many years as a wheel horse in a six horse hitch.  After becoming the Guinness World Record holder as The Tallest Living Horse, his life style changed from a work horse to a celebrity.  He brought smiles to the young and old alike.  After seeing Goliath, folk never seem to forget him. Goliath will truly be missed by all who knew him and especially by Guilda and myself.

It is clear that Goliath was more than just a record holder, he was loved and admired by so many. The Priefert's were honored to have him as part of the family and that is why he will forever remain on the Priefert Ranch where he was interned. There will be a special monument placed on the ranch to observe his final resting place. 



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