LIFELINE BioThriveTM Clinically Proven to Support Equine Joint Function

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LIFELINE BioThriveTM Clinically Proven to Support Equine Joint Function

APC, Inc. has released results of a research study conducted by Dr. Josie Coverdale, associate professor of equine science at Texas A&M University. Dr. Coverdale presented the abstract at the 2014 Joint Annual Meeting of the American Society of Animal Science, which was held in Kansas City, MO, July 20-24.

The gait kinematics study measured stride length and knee range of motion with increasing dosage of serum-based bioactive proteins (LIFELINE BioThriveTM) in exercised horses. The response strongly suggests that the horses in the study experienced healthy joint function and/or comfort while on LIFELINE BioThriveTM.

"Horses undergoing the stress of training and performance may experience inflammation which can have a cascading effect leading to joint soreness," said Dr. Josie Coverdale, associate professor of equine science at Texas A&M University. "This study suggests that bioactive proteins could play a major role in supporting joint health, which in turn supports joint comfort and mobility in performance horses of all ages and disciplines."


Team LIFELINE members are top performers in the horse industry who have experienced the results LIFELINE equine performance products deliver and have chosen to be affiliated with the brand. 

Membership continues to grow and currently includes:

CHRIS COX: RFD-TV Personality, Three-Time Road to the Horse Champion

RON EMMONS: 2012 & 2013 World's Greatest Horseman Winner

RUSTY GREEN: Western Pleasure, Trail & Horsemanshp Trainer

WALT ERWIN: 2008 Junior Cutting World Champion

CODY HUBER: Rising Star of the Rodeo Circuit

KERRY WINTER: Western/English Pleasure & Horsemanship Trainer

JESS BERGANTZEL: Western Pleasure & Horsemanship Trainer

LUKE JONES: 2013 World Champion Reining & Roping

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